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Silicon Valley Leadership Group Statement on Hillary Clinton’s Tech and Innovation Initiative

“The Silicon Valley Leadership Group applauds presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for presenting her Initiative on Technology & Innovation. The Initiative reflects many of the policy priorities of the Leadership Group’s 400 member companies, including diversifying the STEM pipeline, increasing fundamental research funding, improving national digital infrastructure and strengthening cybersecurity.

Clinton’s proposal conveys a vested interest in the digital economy and understands the importance of open access to information and a fast internet as well as how the issues bolster the growth of our economy and quality of life for consumers and businesses in the Bay Area.

Earlier this year, the Leadership Group joined other technology associations in promoting the Technology Sector Platform, which outlined key policies for strengthening the America’s Innovation Economy. The Platform may be found here.

Technology and innovation are pillars of our national security, economy and society. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group welcomes enhanced support for this vital industry.”

– Statement attributed to Peter Leroe-Muñoz, Silicon Valley Leadership Group Vice President of Technology & Innovation Policy

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