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SolarTech announces 2011 Solar Hero Awards

SolarTech announces 2011 Solar Hero Awards

National industry consortium selects State Senator Simitian as Solar Hero (Public Sector]; Industry pioneer Danny Kennedy, President of Sungevity, as Solar Hero (Private Sector)

SAN JOSE, Calif. ­– (December 7, 2011)  – SolarTech announced today that the 2011 Solar Hero Awards recipients will be state Senator Joe Simitian and Sungevity Founder and President Danny Kennedy.

“Sen. Simitian’s success with making California’s 33 percent Renewable Portfolio Standard law  is a clear policy winner for everyone in the state,” said Doug Payne, SolarTech co-founder and executive director. “And Danny Kennedy’s work on applying Web3.0 technologies to drive consumer adoption while demonstrating solar’s viability heading into an election year has been outstanding. We want to acknowledge their leadership, and then focus our efforts on scaling these approaches into other battleground states to accelerate transformation of our energy mix.”

The award is presented annually to those individuals best exemplifying outstanding contributions to further the solar industry and accelerating the adoption of solar energy solutions across the state or around the country.

 “The solar power industry is a jobs creation engine for our state that has created thousands of new jobs over the past decade.  Sen. Simitian’s exemplary leadership in drafting new legislation that streamlines adoption of solar power is heroic and well aligned with SolarTech’s core mission,” stated Tom McCalmont, SolarTech Board Chair.

Past recipients include No. on 23 Co-Chairs George Shultz and Tom Steyer, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, and Tom McCalmont, CEO of McCalmont Engineering.

“At a time in our state when big ideas often lose out to small-minded politics, Senator Simitian championed the big idea of a 33 percent renewable portfolio standard,” said Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO Carl Guardino.  “This step alone is a giant leap for California job creation, renewable energy innovation and leadership for our entire nation.”


Industry leaders are welcome to attend the 3rd Annual Solar Hero award ceremony Thursday December 8th, 6pm – 9pm at SolarTech, 3081 Zanker Road, San Jose CA 95134.


SolarTech, an Initiative of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, is a national platform for process innovation through its Solar3.0 initiative. Operating at the intersection of industry, consumers, local governments, and utilities SolarTech provides the path to make solar happen through better tools enabling the industry to execute faster at lowest possible cost, accelerating the growth of solar energy at the state and local level. On behalf of our 100 members, Board, and partners, our mission is to develop, deploy and disseminate best practices and standards that make mass adoption of solar a reality through our core initiatives: workforce development, financing, performance, installation, permitting, and interconnection. For information on SolarTech, visit



Doug Payne

Co-founder / Executive Director

SolarTech Consortium


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