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Silicon Valley tech companies urge end to “Zero Tolerance” policy separating children from families

Dear President Trump:

On behalf of the 360 Member Companies who form the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, we are writing to urge you to immediately end the separation of children from their parents who have come to the southern border of the United States.  We do not believe the current treatment of children being separated from their families in any way reflects the values on which our great nation was founded.

By way of background, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group was created 41 years ago by David Packard, Co-founder of Hewlett Packard.  Today, the Leadership Group consists of 360 employers – large and small – from throughout our innovation economy.  Our country has been built through the brains, and on the backs, of immigrants who have often risked everything to seek a better life in the United States.  We celebrate the fact that 53 percent of the engineers that fuel Silicon Valley’s innovation economy may not have been blessed to be born here, but were eager to come here and contribute to the innovation that is world-renowned and recognized.  We celebrate the fact that more than half of the innovation economy companies formed today have an immigrant CEO or member of the founding team.  We celebrate a rich diversity that unifies and strengthens both our economy and our communities.

Mr. President, we urge you to take unilateral action to end this practice of separating children from their families, which you are legally allowed to do.

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group will continue to urge Congress, on a parallel track, to work in a bipartisan fashion for comprehensive immigration reform, which includes the 700,000-plus Dreamers who came to our country as children, at no fault of their own, as well as highly skilled members of our workforce who are vital to our economic success through the H1-B Visa program.  Whether high-tech, low-tech or no-tech, we applaud immigrants throughout the history of our nation who have come to America to not only seek a better life for themselves and their families, but – by doing so – have built a better country for all of us.



Carl Guardino

President & CEO

Silicon Valley Leadership Group


Greg Becker

President & CEO

SVB Financial Group


Joe Burton

President & CEO



Aart de Geus

Chairman & co-CEO


Tom Fallon

CEO & Director



Raquel Gonzalez

Regional President

Bank of America


James Gutierrez

Founder & CEO



Tom Kemp

Co-Founder & CEO



Steve Milligan


Western Digital Corp.


Ryan Popple

President & CEO



Tom Werner



Click here to learn the facts about the “Zero Tolerance” policy and Family Separations. Document created by Peter Leroe-Munoz, VP of Tech and Innovation.

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