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Silicon Valley Projections Summit

If California is heading off of the proverbial cliff, then who is going to save it from destruction?

The job of fixing California – our economy, our state government – is too big for any one person, organization, or company, but it is entirely possible if we all pull together, and lift our state out of the abyss.

If you’re frustrated with a legislature that seems broken – already 60 days late on a state budget, which is $20 billion in the whole.

If you’re frustrated with a statewide unemployment rate of 12.4 percent, or worse yet – you’re one of those people currently unemployed or underemployed.

If you’re frustrated with the multitude of studies ranking California’s business climate as the least friendly in the nation for job creation and retention. Then you need to join us Thursday morning, September 16, at Santa Clara University, for our 14th Annual “Silicon Valley Projections Summit,” when real people – 600 strong – come together for a half-day of interactive panel discussions on the important theme of “Economic Recovery and Government Reform.”

Learn more at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group web site at Sign up, show up & speak up. California’s future is worth it.

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