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Silicon Valley priorities

Last week, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group released its Annual “CEO Survey,” completed by 153 Valley CEOs with combined annual revenues exceeding $1.7 trillion dollars.

The good news – there is good news.  By an eight to one ratio, CEOs see hiring within their companies in 2010.  For a Valley with an unemployment rate of 12 percent, this could not happen soon enough.

The CEOs also identified issues at the local, state and federal levels that would strengthen our economy and increase our ability to add jobs.  It is vital that policy makers partner with the Valley to accomplish the goal of job creation.

At the local level, that means a renewed focus on K-12 education, transportation improvements and more affordable homes.

At the state level, it means much more focus on K-12 and higher education, competitive tax policies, traffic relief and housing.

In D.C., it means health care, the federal deficit, climate change, competitive tax policies and Immigration Reform for high-skilled workers.

What does it mean to you and I?  Ask candidates at every level in the June election how their priorities match up against the Valley’s priorities to create jobs and strengthen our economy.  Keep them accountable.  And vote accordingly. 
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