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Silicon Valley Named Destination for a United States Patent Office

Here’s Food for Thought . . . After 225 years, the United States Patent Office has made the decision to come to their customers, rather than make their customers come to them.

Yes, throughout our nation’s history, inventors and entrepreneurs primarily had to travel to Virginia to meet with patent examiners.

Imagine anywhere else where a $3 billion business was not located in closer proximity to their customers.

That is soon to change.

After a three-year effort by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Congresswoman Lofgren and her colleagues Anna Eshoo and Mike Honda, Senators Feinstein and Boxer, and San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, Silicon Valley has been selected for one of our nation’s first regional patent offices.

In a competitive process which garnered 600 applicants from across the country, the Commerce Department selected just three locations to join Detroit for a regional patent office: Denver, Dallas and Silicon Valley.

California, home to one of every four patents granted in the U.S., with half of those coming from Silicon Valley, is a natural fit.

Hats off to Patent Director Kappos and acting Commerce Secretary Blank for selecting the earth’s epicenter of innovation for the regional patent office.

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