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Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s 35th Anniversary

Here’s food for thought… Are you making your mark or simply marking time?

Thursday July 18, marks the 35th anniversary of when HP Co-founder David Packard created the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. Today, 375 CEOs personally engage to strengthen the economic health and quality of life of our region, state and nation.

Through Packard’s vision, the impacts have been measurable:

* In the 1980s, the Leadership Group co-led Measure A, which built Highway 85 and improved 101 and 237.

* In the 1990s, the Leadership Group led Measures A and B, delivering 19 key road and rail improvements on-time and on-budget.

* In 2000 and 2008, the Leadership Group co-led sales tax measures to fund the capital construction and operations costs to bring BART to Silicon Valley.

* In 2000, the Leadership Group established the Housing Trust Fund, which has already helped 10,000 families secure homes in high-cost Silicon Valley.

* And most recently, the Leadership Group led the effort to secure a Regional Patent Office in Silicon Valley.

Can private citizens truly make a difference? As David Packard proved, we can – and we must – if our Valley will continue to drive the earth’s Innovation Economy.


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