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Silicon Valley Leadership Group Commended with Resolutions

The 40th Anniversary Gala presented a wonderful opportunity for the Leadership Group to highlight successful and strong partnerships with elected officials. Over the years, the Leadership Group has worked with several elected officials to accomplish critical goals and ensure the best for the Silicon Valley.

Here are some highlights of resolutions presented to the Leadership Group, celebrating our successes:

Congresswoman Eshoo: This resolution highlights the work the Leadership Group did on establishing the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Silicon Valley. It also highlights transportation improvement efforts that Rep. Eshoo and the Leadership Group collaborated on, specifically Bart and Caltrain expansion and electrification.

Supervisor Simitian: This resolution highlights the Leadership Group’s collaborative role on affordable housing initiatives, allowing more residents to move to the Silicon Valley. Additionally, this resolution highlights the work that the Leadership Group did on Measure AA, restoring the San Francisco Bay wetlands and furthering environmental protection efforts.

Valley Transportation Authority: This resolution highlights the long-standing partnership between the VTA and the Leadership Group, including projects on the Bart extension to the Silicon Valley, Caltrain electrification and Measure B which works towards enhancing public transit, highways and roads.

Mayor Liccardo: This resolution highlights the establishment of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in San Jose, as a huge benefit for the innovation economy in Silicon Valley. It also highlights the development of the San Jose airport as a hub for more direct flights, increasing access and connectivity for Silicon Valley.

Assemblymembers: This resolution highlights the Leadership Group’s success in transportation, infrastructure development and community engagement and support.

Senator Beall: This resolution highlights the infrastructure improvements the Leadership Group helped facilitate as well as promoting the Bart extension to Silicon Valley and support for local housing trusts, charities and charitable events.  

These resolutions are a wonderful way to highlight how crucial partnerships are between the Leadership Group and elected officials to catalyze development in Silicon Valley. From transportation improvements to increased access to housing to environmental efforts, these partnerships have been essential to improving quality of life in the Bay Area.

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