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Silicon Valley Leadership Group appoints four new board members

SAN JOSE, CA – The Silicon Valley Leadership Group is proud to announce its newest board members. On June 14th, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group Board of Directors approved Julia Hu, CEO and Co-founder of Lark, Mary Huss, Bay Area President and Publisher of the Silicon Valley Business Journal and San Francisco Business Times, Janet Lamkin, President of United Airlines and Jenny Linton, President of OSIsoft to join the current board of more than 50.

Julia Hu, CEO and Co-founder of Lark

Prior to founding LARK, Julia Hu launched Cleantech Open, which is one of the world’s largest cleantech incubators. Hu started working on Launch while attending MIT Sloan School of Management for her MBA. It officially founded in 2010 and continues to grow in users. In fact, Apple names it as one of the “10 best apps of 2015.”

Hu’s  goal then and now is to enrich people’s live so that they are able to live a healthier lifestyle by losing weight, sleeping better, and stressing less. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degree at Stanford University.


Mary Huss, Bay Area President/Publisher of the Silicon Valley Business Journal & San Francisco Business Times

Mary Huss was named the Silicon Valley Business Journal publisher in 2018 after serving more than 25 years as the publisher at the San Francisco Business Times. She now oversees both publications.

Her early career started in the late 1970s with the small community startup newspaper organization, The Riverfront Times. She then moved on to become a writer and editor for the St. Louis Post Dispatch and then director of circulation at the St. Louis Business Journal. After two years in advertising, she began working for the Philadelphia Business Journal as a publisher. In 1991, she became the president and publisher of the San Francisco Business Journal.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia.


Janet Lamkin, President of United Airlines

Janet Lamkin has been the president of California at United Airlines since 2017. Prior to working for United Airlines, she worked for the U.S House of Congress as a legislative analyst. She spent most of her career in government relations and public affairs. In her 20 years with Bank of America, she was responsible for connecting and maintaining relations with other companies or corporations in various management positions, as well as finding strategies to help grow the business. She was named one of the 100 Most Influential Businesswomen in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times for seven consecutive years.

Janet Lamkin received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Business Administration at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. She then went on to receive her Master’s degree in International Relations at The Australian National University.


Jenny Linton, President of OSIsoft

In 2012, Linton officially became the president of OSIsoft after 10 years working in various functions such as operations, finance, recruiting, and management before a brief stint as the executive vice president in Operations and Administration. She is currently working on the creation of the San Leandro Tech Center, which will be the new headquarters of OSIsoft.

Jenny Linton has earned her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Toxicology and a Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering, both from the University of Davis.


About Silicon Valley Leadership Group
The Silicon Valley Leadership Group, founded in 1978 by David Packard of Hewlett-Packard, represents nearly 365 of Silicon Valley’s most respected employers on issues, programs and campaigns that affect the economic health and quality of life in Silicon Valley including energy, transportation, education, housing, health care, tax policies, economic vitality and the environment. The Leadership Group members collectively provide nearly one of every three private sector jobs in Silicon Valley and generate more than $3 trillion in annual revenue.

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