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Silicon Valley Caucus

First Dates are fun. Relationships are better.

Two weeks ago, The Silicon Valley Leadership Group launched the “Silicon Valley Caucus,” an inaugural meeting between our 13 state senators and assemblymen who represent us in the state capitol, with more than 30 Silicon Valley CEOs.

Such is the concern about the success of California that these 30 CEO’s, competing globally, drove all the way to Sacramento for the two-hour meeting.

Like any “first date” the purpose of the initial conversation was to get acquainted, raise the broad challenges that inhibit economic development and job growth in the Golden State, and set the parameters for future dialogue.

We agreed to three more roundtables in 2011, in which we can dive deep on ways that the world’s innovation capital can best assist our representatives in the state capitol. Stay tuned. Only good can come from such collaboration.

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