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Serious Times Require Substantive Leaders

Here’s Food for Thought . . . Serious times require substantive leaders.

In 1862, the North was losing the Civil War. America’s economy was in shambles and many wondered if the nation would survive.

Yet under the leadership of President Abraham Lincoln, the 37th Congress rose to the tasks that faced our fledgling nation:

  • First, President Lincoln insisted that the dome above the capitol continue to be constructed. Some wanted to divert the steel to the war effort.  He wanted to show symbolically there would still be a nation when the war was over.
  • Then, Congress passed the Morrill Act, establishing America’s system of public universities.
  • They passed the Homestead Act, opening up affordable land across the West.
  • They passed the Pacific Railroad Act, to construct the Transcontinental Railroad.
  • They established the National Academy of Sciences, which still serves our nation today.

Tough times.  Tenacious leadership.

A message to Washington, D.C. Rise to the occasion. Grapple with important issues like immigration reform, tax reform, the debt and deficit, and create a climate in which we can keep and create jobs. It takes leaders – and that is the role to which we elected you.

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