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Rudy Reyes
West Region Vice President & Associate General Counsel

Rudolph M. Reyes (“Rudy”) is west region vice president and associate general counsel for Verizon and leads public policy and legal affairs for the company in the Western United States.  Rudy previously served as chief regulatory counsel, chief legislative counsel, and most recently vice president of government affairs for Verizon in California before achieving his current position in April 2017.

Having the opportunity to work on public policy and law at Verizon was a dream come true for Rudy, who previously toiled at various law firms practicing litigation and, briefly, software licensing until the “dot com” bust hit in the early 2000’s.  After joining Verizon in 2003, Rudy led the legal team that worked with leaders at the California PUC to eliminate monopoly-era price and earnings regulation of incumbent telephone companies, resulting in a “uniform regulatory framework” for telecommunications.  He then worked with state leaders in Sacramento to pass legislation affirming the CPUC’s policy not to regulate Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services (2012), implementing a point-of-sale collection mechanism for prepaid wireless services (2014), and adopting a “shot clock” to ensure timely action by local governments on wireless infrastructure permits (2015).

Rudy currently leads an 18-state team of government affairs and legal professionals who have worked with state leaders to pass legislation in multiple states in the West modernizing the local process for deploying advanced wireless infrastructure known as “small cells” and laying the groundwork for 5G.  In addition, Rudy led the team that negotiated a groundbreaking public-private partnership with the City of Sacramento resulting in Verizon naming the Capital City as the first 5G city in the country including an over $100 million investment in state-of-the-art network connectivity and smart community infrastructure.

Rudy loves to share his story of being a “scholarship kid” who was given a life-changing opportunity at the age of 16 to leave his hometown of Houston to attend Milton Academy in Massachusetts on full scholarship.  After graduating cum laude from Milton in 1990, Rudy then attended Harvard College, graduating in 1994 magna cum laude, and Harvard Law School, graduating cum laude in 1998.  Rudy and his husband, Brody, live in San Francisco with their 1st grade son, Pablo.

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