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Riding Safely this Bike to Work Month

Here’s food for thought … Is your life worth 30 seconds?

I love May. Summer is almost here. In Silicon Valley, almost every day brings beautiful weather, and as a bike commuter who rides nearly 10,000 miles a year, the morning and afternoon rides to and from work are almost always in perfect conditions.

May is also “Bike to Work Month” here in the Bay Area, and I greatly encourage others to trade in four wheels for two, and engage in active transportation during the month of May.

As I bike to work daily, however, I am both surprised and concerned by how many cyclists I see who don’t seem to believe that traffic laws apply to them.

Last week, on Willow Street in Willow Glen, I followed behind a bike commuter who ran a stop sign, and then two red lights in a row. Coming home from work last night, I saw a different cyclist run the same stop sign and then a different red light.

I have to ask, were the 30 seconds saved at each red light truly worth risking your life?

Would your family and friends miss you if your dare devil riding resulted in serious injury or death?

Would you consider it okay to run those lights and those stop signs if you were in a car? If not, why is okay on your bike?

Cyclists and motorist, we need to co-exist. Nearly half of accidents between cars and bikes are the cyclists fault. Yet regardless of fault, flesh loses out to metal every time.

Cyclists, enjoy Bike to Work Month. But please, ride safe. Obey the law. Your life is worth more than 30 seconds.

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