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Revenue or Reform?

Here’s Food for Thought . . . Some of my Democrat friends think California needs more revenue. Some of my Republican friends believe California needs more reforms.

Who’s right?

Possibly both.

To keep and create jobs and attract employers, California needs serious regulatory, budget, governance and pension reforms. Simply stated, when it comes to a competitive business climate that can create and keep jobs, we are uncompetitive with most other states, let alone other nations. A great climate only goes so far.

To attract and prepare a world-class workforce, we also need to invest in physical infrastructure like roads and rail, energy, water and broadband – as well as human capital like pre-k, K-12 and Higher Ed, including Community Colleges, CSUs, UCs and private universities like Stanford and Santa Clara.

California needs to use each tax dollar efficiently and effectively. We need serious reform, additional revenue and restored trust that Sacramento will wisely use what we invest.

Revenue or reform? – I believe we need both. Not one or the other. And soon.

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