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Release Of The 2018 Leadership Group Candidate Questionnaire

Release of the 2018 Leadership Group Candidate Questionnaire

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Get to know candidates running in the 2018 Mid-term Election

As a San Jose native, I‘ve grown with the city and watched as our city, county, and region developed exponentially. As the innovation economy continues to grow our prosperous Valley, we are also experiencing the growing pains of a strong economy. The future leaders of Silicon Valley need to have the regional mindset and policy priorities necessary to lead this great region and improve our quality of life.

In just 10 questions, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group Candidate Questionnaire delves into the issues most important to our region: Housing, Traffic, Education, and the future of the tech industry. The questionnaire is brief, yet provides enlightening views on a wide array of topics including the proposed Google development, Caltrain Electrification the Evergreen Initiative, public charter schools, et cetera. All of these topics we asked our candidates to weigh in on ahead of the June 5th primary election.

Reaching out to candidates over the past few weeks and collecting their answers, I realized that all of the candidates recognize the great challenges their positions entail. While their solutions may differ, they each care about our region immensely and want to move us forward. With just 15 days left until election day, take a look at their responses from candidates running for San Jose City Council and the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors and find their answers to our Valley’s most pressing problems by clicking here.

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