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Regional Economic Summit

Silicon Valley matters.  So does the Central Valley.  And the San Fernando Valley.  And San Diego.  And the Redwood Coast, Orange County , Butte County, and the Sierra Nevada.

The point is, region’s matter – to the success of California and the success of the United States.

On March 30, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group is honored to host the region’s first “Regional Economic Summit,” with similar summits happening this month in 13 regions throughout the state.

Then, on May 11 in San Jose, California’s first statewide economic summit will be held – with feedback from all 14 regional summits guiding the discussion.

Based on an Oregon-model, annually attended by Oregon’s governor and legislative leadership, they listen, learn and then lead their state’s economic efforts after listening to their regions.

Interested? Join us. With real-time polling, each participant will be empowered with a voice and a vote in determining Silicon Valley’s top priorities to grow jobs and strengthen our economy in our region, state and nation.

To learn more, go to the Silicon Valley Leadership Group web site at

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