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  • When times are tough government entities reduce programs, as resources are limited, to provide quality service to our communities.
  • Yet, many public sector leaders do enact projects to cut bureaucratic red tape, enhance efficiency of service, improve the business climate and create jobs.
  • “Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet” is a competitive award program that honors the best practices and innovative services of government entities in the Silicon Valley region.
  • A Red Carpet (Blue Ribbon) Committee will review and award local governments and special districts as “Red Carpet facilitators.”
  • The program is a contest to review and select government agencies for doing a better job of serving their citizens and that foster an environment for private sector job creation. It is a strategy where the business community (The Leadership Group in partnership with other business associations in the region) recognizes good public projects.
  1. The      Categories and Awards Recognition
  • Business Retention and Expansion – Award honors economic development initiatives that focus on retaining and growing existing businesses within the community or region.  The applicant will demonstrate extensive cross cutting community collaboration, and the ability to adapt and respond quickly to unforeseen events
  • Responding to Globalization – The award recognizes economic development strategies that seek to enable communities, businesses and economic development organizations to better integrate into the Silicon Valley global economy.   Strategies may include elements such as international strategies, restructuring of economic redevelopment organizations, utilization of the Internet and networking solutions and assisting businesses to understand global sourcing which increase global competitive advantage to the region
  • Sustainable Green Development – The award recognizes programs that target and create a positive relationship between economic development and environmental sustainability.  Efforts can include programs which encourage and increase energy efficiency, renewable energy, green building design, material and products, environmental technologies, sustainable and smart growth, green infrastructure and green chemistry
  • Real Estate Redevelopment and Reuse – The award recognizes an innovative real estate development or reuse project that is adaptively the reuse of a facility or land site.  The program or project  must demonstrate a measurable and quantitative impact on the employment or tax base
  • Innovative Use of Technology – The award recognizes the utilization of technology that advance and improve government services in a sustainable way that produces efficiency and cost effectiveness, establishing ease of service to the public program for both the government entity and the community at large

The Process

The awards will recognize outstanding public sector programs in economic and business development that accomplish the following:

1)      Create jobs

2)      Have a positive economic impact with measurable results

3)      Strengthen public-private partnerships

4)      Are innovative, effective and timeliness in processes

5)      Can be re-recreated

   2. How the program works:

  • The awards will recognize outstanding and innovative programs in economic and business development that retain or create jobs and investment on an on-going basis.
  • Programs, policies and projects will be judged on the following criteria;

A)    Extent of the economic impact on its community, such as an increase in the overall tax base, creation of new jobs, or criteria relevant to the goals of the project.

B)     Achievement of its stated goals with measurable results.  Programs will be evaluated over the past 5 year time horizon (2007-2013) to determine effectiveness.  Not ‘pie in the sky ideas’ but marked improvements that show real benefits.

C)    Development of strong relationships with community and business leaders and widespread support from the local community that establishes and strengthens private-public partnerships.

D)    Innovation, originality, cost-effectiveness and timeliness.

E)     Relevance and transferability of the program that can be “re-created’ in other communities.

3.   Application fee and processing – A nominal $50.00 fee will be charged for each application to cover the administrative cost, paper copying, review, and analysis of the application.

  • June: Select Judges for the Red Tape Committee
  • June: Application and on-line registration
  • June –September: “Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet, Silicon Valley” application open – deadline October 11, 2013
  • September – November: Review applications and select category winners
  • December 12 – Award Reception

4.      Time Line participation:

  • June:  Red Tape Committee selected and set up Web page set-up for program for on-line processing
  • June– September:  “Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet Silicon Valley” application open for processing.  Deadline for submittal is Friday, October 11, 2013
  • June-October:  Applications accepted and internally categorized for review processing
  • September – November :  Red Tape Committee meets to review applications and select winners
  • November –  Award Winners contacted confidentiality
  • December Q4 Annual Board Meeting – Public Official Reception and “Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet” Award Ceremony, December 12, 2013.

Download submission form here

Silicon Valley Leadership Group   408-501-7864

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