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Americans are awful about taking vacations. Compared to most industrialized nations, we work more hours per week, and take fewer weeks off per year.
And I’m the proverbial pot calling the kettle black, losing an average of three weeks of paid – yes paid – vacation time each of the past three years because I’m maxed out on how many days I can carry over from one year to the next.
As a CEO, I constantly call on my team to find “work/life balance,” yet I haven’t always practiced what I preach.
That’s all about to change. For KLIV and “CEO Show” listeners, you won’t hear my voice the entire month of august.
I’m taking a break – a vacation – a siesta. A long-overdue “gone fishing” sign will replace my welcome mat.
After 15 years as CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, I’m off for my first semi-sabbatical, putting the “do not disturb” sign on my door, voice mail and email.
My time away will include a Disney cruise with my two little girls, who deserve more time with their daddy; a long stay-cation to complete the “honey-do” list that Leslee has patiently constructed; and then off to British Columbia as I race Ironman Canada. More stressful than restful, but a dream come true.
To the rest of you in “Go-Go Silicon Valley,” follow my lead. Take time off. Smell the roses now, before pushing up daisies later.

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