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The Silicon Valley Leadership Group is honored to be a trusted source of information and perspective on Silicon Valley, the innovation economy and global competition. Don’t hesitate to contact us for engaging policy analysis, insightful commentary, reputable expertise, and a passion for the communities we serve.

Featured below are select articles and stories featuring Silicon Valley Leadership Group activities, leadership, policies, initiatives, programs, partners, and impact.


Silicon Valley Leadership Group names Ahmad Thomas new CEO
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 7/23/2020

Carl Guardino exit interview: Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO looks back, glances ahead
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 7/16/2020

There will still long be a Silicon Valley’: Industry advocate looks past pandemic
San Francisco Chronicle: Owen Thomas, 7/15/2020

Air district asks employers to expand remote working options
KTVU: Jana Kadah, 7/13/2020

Laid-off H-1B visa holders face painful predicament
San Francisco Chronicle: Carolyn Said, 7/12/2020

Carl Guardino Reflects on Two Decades of Bay Area Public Advocacy
KCBS Radio: Keith Menconi, 7/3/2020

Green company Bloom Energy hires Carl Guardino as key exec
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 6/30/2020

Carl Guardino’s Exit Interview
Silicon Valley Business Journal:J. Jennings Moss, 6/26/2020

Trump order bars new H-1Bs, other work visas
San Francisco Chronicle:Carolyn Said, 6/22/2020

Letter: The benefits to California of high-speed rail are real
The Mercury News: Jason Baker, 6/18/2020

Two New South Bay BART Stations Open for Service
NBC Bay Area: Kris Sanchez and Scott Budman, 6/13/2020

In the shadow of disease and the spirit of hope, BART comes to San Jose
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 6/12/2020

Coronavirus roundup: Manufacturing is back | Outdoor dining allowed | Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk reopens (sort of)
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Ryan Fernandez, 6/8/2020

Manufacturing is big business in San Jose, and it’s ready to get back to work
San Jose Spotlight: Janice Bitters, 6/5/2020

Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s new mission: 300,000 hospital gowns
The Mercury News: Sal Pizarro, 5/21/2020

BART to San Jose opening on June 13, pandemic or no
San Francisco Chronicle: Rachel Swan, 5/19/2020

Coronavirus impact: Future of office expansion projects uncertain as employees continue working from home
ABC 7:David Louie, 5/13/2020

Twitter announces option for employees to work from home forever
KTVU FOX 2: Azenith Smith, 5/12/2020

30 Bay Area cities shrank last year as California population growth slowed
The Mercury News: Leonardo Castañeda, 5/7/2020

Here’s how Silicon Valley is handling layoffs and furloughs amid coronavirus
CNBC: Jon Fortt, Kate Rooney, Carl Guardino and Casey Newton, 5/7/2020

Coronavirus sparks new fight over California’s internet privacy law
San Francisco Chronicle: Dustin Gardiner, 5/6/2020

Here’s a list of leaders on Silicon Valley’s COVID-19 economic recovery team
The Mercury News: Maggie Angst, 5/6/2020

Coronavirus made telework necessary. Now Santa Clara County wants to explore ways to keep it
The Mercury News: John Woolfolk, 5/4/2020

What’s the bigger risk: A) Falling further behind on housing construction, or B) Workers getting sick?
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 5/1/2020

How Tech’s Empty Offices Helped San Francisco Bend the Curve
Bloomberg: Dana Hull, 4/22/2020

What will Trump’s immigration ban mean for the Bay Area?
San Francisco Chronicle: Tatiana Sanchez and Carolyn Said, 4/21/2020

San Jose mayor: Let’s work together to restore economy after coronavirus
San Francisco Chronicle: Sam Liccardo, 4/21/2020

San Jose mayor forms business council to direct Silicon Valley’s post-pandemic reopening
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 4/16/2020

Coronavirus: Silicon Valley business leaders to guide region’s economic recovery
The Mercury News: Maggie Angst, 4/16/2020

Silicon Valley business leader says reopening economy will be tricky
KRON4: Dan Thorn, 4/13/2020

1 in 9 California workers have filed for unemployment as coronavirus batters state’s economy
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 4/10/2020

Bay Area coronavirus job losses will top 800,000: report
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 4/8/2020

Silicon Valley needs to answer the call for philanthropic leadership
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Scott Flanders, 4/7/2020

Some startups could miss out on small business stimulus loans
San Francisco Chronicle: Carolyn Said and Dustin Gardiner, 4/6/2020

Survey: Most Silicon Valley companies are not in a ‘business as usual’ hiring mode
Silicon Valley Business Journal: J. Jennings Moss, 4/6/2020

Coronavirus: Nearly one-fifth of Silicon Valley companies eye layoffs, survey says
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 4/6/2020

New tax for Caltrain? Measure this fall could fund trains every 10 minutes
The Mercury News: Nico Savidge, 4/3/2020

To bolster public confidence, Santa Clara County steps up information output on coronavirus data
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 4/2/2020

Leadership Group goes virtual to brief members, raise millions for coronavirus medical supplies 
Silicon Valley Business Journal: J. Jennings Moss, 3/31/2020

How we can draw strength from our physical weaknesses
San Francisco Chronicle: Carl Guardino, 3/6/2020

Bay Area Tech Companies Look for Coronavirus Treatment
NBC Bay Area: Scott Budman, 3/2/2020

US makes it harder to get H-1B skilled-work visas
San Francisco Chronicle: Carolyn Said, 2/28/2020

Letter: Leadership Group backs district’s Measures G and H
The Mercury News: David Palter, 2/25/2020

Bay Area Residents Less Happy Than Last Year: Report
NBC Bay Area: Scott Budman, 2/24/2020

Growing Discontent: 47% Consider Leaving Bay Area In Latest Survey
CBS SF Bay Area: KPIX 5, 2/24/2020

Coronavirus effect is hitting the Bay Area’s tech industry hard. Here’s why
San Francisco Chronicle: Mallory Moench and Chase DiFeliciantonio, 2/24/2020

Study: Majority of Bay Area residents say quality of life is getting worse and many want to leave
ABC 7 News: Staff, 2/24/2020

Bay Area dissatisfaction: Rich, poor, young and old unhappy here
The Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 2/23/2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom vows action on ‘disgrace’ of homelessness in state
The Mercury News: John Woolfolk, 2/19/2020

Guest Opinion: Business tax will harm Palo Alto
Palo Alto Online: Judy Kleinberg, Dan Kostenbauder and Brad Ehikian, 2/7/2020

Letter: SVLG supports healthy meals, healthier minds
The Mercury News: Kat Wortham, 2/5/2020

San Jose airport soars to record passenger levels amid hot economy
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 1/30/2020

Interview: U.S. expert criticizes new H-1B registration system
Infosurhoy: Denis Bedoya, 1/29/2020

Santa Clara Co. Rapid Response Teams Ready If Coronavirus Hits Bay Area
CBS SF Bay Area: KPIX 5, 1/28/2020

Letter: Carl Guardino’s legacy will go on in SVLG’s great work
The Mercury News: Jim Cunneen, 1/27/2020

Which came first in driving homelessness, the addiction or the eviction? 
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 1/27/2020

Funk: Early learning center in East San Jose is a jewel
San Jose Spotlight: Chris Funk, 1/20/2020

Editorial: Next SVLG CEO must build on Valley’s success
The Mercury News: Mercury News Editorial Board, 1/19/2020

Google crafts changes to improve downtown San Jose village project
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 1/16/2020

Letter: Carl Guardino was always of and for the people
The Mercury News: David Ginsborg, 1/15/2020

White House Pressuring Apple Over Locked Phones
Fox Business News: Liz Claman, 1/14/2020

Carl Guardino, Silicon Valley business leader, reflects on accomplishments, challenges
The San Francisco Chronicle: Roland Li, 1/12/2020

What does the ‘exodus’ mean for Silicon Valley business?
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Marlize van Romburgh, 1/10/2020

Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO Carl Guardino stepping down
The Mercury News: Sal Pizarro, 1/7/2020

Tens of Thousands of Vacant Homes in the Bay Area: Census Bureau
NBC Bay Area: Scott Budman, 1/6/2020


Silicon Valley Leadership Group adds six board members
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 12/16/2019

Photos: 8th annual Santa Run Silicon Valley comes to San Jose
The Mercury News: Jane Tyska, 12/15/2019

Silicon Valley Leadership Group appeals to business leaders on $100B transit ballot measure
San Jose Spotlight: Janice Bitters, 12/12/2019

Testing tech ideas in public? San Francisco says get a permit
Los Angeles Times: Associated Press, 12/10/2019

Bay Area exodus: Get a bonus for leaving the Bay Area
The Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 12/9/2019

The 15th annual Silicon Valley Turkey Trot kicks off in San Jose
KRON 4: Christina Tetreault, 11/28/2019

Silicon Valley Turkey Trot returns for its 15th year
San Jose Spotlight: Arianna Ramirez, 11/27/19

Silicon Valley Turkey Trot hitting its stride at 15: Pizarro
The Mercury News: Sal Pizarro, 11/23/2019

Feinstein asked for another bridge across the bay. Regional planners frowned
The San Francisco Chronicle: Rachel Swan, 11/15/2019

Tech companies want to take on the housing crisis, but is their money going to be enough to make a difference?
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 11/7/2019

More corporate money for housing is in the pipeline. Is more housing in the pipeline? Nope
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 11/6/2019

Opinion: Californians can collectively combat housing crisis
The Mercury News: Carl Guardino, 11/6/2019

Decision Time Nears for Mega Measure: FASTER Bay Area
The Bay City Beacon: Dan Rosenheim, 10/21/2019

San Jose City Council candidates differ on public policy, SVLG survey finds
San Jose Spotlight: Arianna Ramirez, 10/17/2019

‘Downtown West’ plan: Google submits proposal for San Jose transit village
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 10/11/2019

Bay Area Officials Lay Groundwork for $100 Billion Transportation Ballot Measure
CBS SF Bay Area: Don Ford, 10/1/2019

BART’s wish list for $100 billion ‘mega measure’: Second bay crossing, new fare gates
The Mercury News: Nico Savidge, 9/30/2019

GM strike is a surprising modern test of the power of workers versus corporations
Detroit Free Press: Phoebe Wall Howard, 9/28/2019

Silicon Valley embraces community colleges as a source of new, trained employees
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Allison Levitsky, 9/27/2019

BART delays won’t derail downtown San Jose momentum: experts
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 9/25/2019

Sunday ToPIX: Bay Area Housing/Gig Economy
KPIX 5 News: Phil Matier and Carl Guardino, 9/22/2019

Temporary reprieve on government plan to ban work for H-4 visa holders
San Francisco Chronicle: Carolyn Said, 9/17/2019

At the intersection of tech, climate and the land of Silicon Valley
Marketplace Tech: 9/16/2019

California is experiencing a housing shortage. Why are permits down 20 percent?
The Sacramento Bee, Dan Schnur,  9/1/2019

Letter: BART extension is closer to completion
The Mercury News, Letters to the Editor,  9/1/2019

Bay Area exodus: Thousands more fleeing region than arriving from other states
The Mercury News, Emily Deruy,  8/30/2019

BART Nabs $125M in Federal Funds to Speed Up San Jose Extension
SF Weekly, Ida Mojadad,  8/29/2019

Federal government readies to give BART’s San Jose extension first installment of funds
The Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 8/29/2019

BART’s extension through San Jose chosen to receive $125 million federal grant
San Francisco Chronicle: Rachel Swan and Lauren Hernández, 8/29/2019

Feds to make major San Jose BART subway funding announcement today
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 8/28/2019

Takeaways from top female leaders during Women Equality Day
San Jose Spotlight: Janice Bitters, 8/28/2019

Google gift bolsters Salvation Army’s San Jose affordable homes development
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 8/28/2019

Pelosi, women leaders in Silicon Valley: ‘We still have quite a ways to go’ on equality
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Marlize van Romburgh, 8/27/2019

NASA celebrates women leaders, aims for first woman on moon by 2024
The Mercury News: Erin Woo, 8/26/2019

America’s top female leaders stop in Silicon Valley to talk women equality
San Jose Spotlight: Janice Bitters, 8/26/2019

NASA honors trailblazers on Women’s Equality Day
KTVU: Jesse Gary, 8/26/2019

One-Cent Regional Sales Tax for Transit Could Be on 2020 Ballot for Bay Area Voters
NBC Bay Area: Bay City News, 8/22/2019

You Lose 103 Hours a Year Sitting in Bay Area Traffic: Study
NBC Bay Area: Scott Budman, 8/22/2019

Capitol Weekly’s Top 100: Ten years and counting
Capitol Weekly: Capitol Weekly Staff, 8/21/2019

The Bay Area is booming — and bracing for a slowdown
San Francisco Chronicle: Carolyn Said, 8/17/2019

Philbrick: New mega measure for transportation can succeed
San Jose Spotlight: Karen E. Philbrick, 8/8/2019

Guest opinion: Why California wins if Congress OKs new North American trade pact
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Peter Leroe-Muñoz, 7/26/2019

San Jose, San Francisco among nation’s most educated metro areas
The Mercury News: Leonardo Castaneda, 7/24/2019

Caltrain has an ambitious plan to run BART-like service. Here’s what it will mean for Bay Area traffic
The Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 7/22/2019

Bigger Rebate Proposed For Electric Car Buyers
KCBS Radio: Melissa Curlross, 7/8/2019

China-US trade tensions weighing on Silicon Valley jobs
CGTN: Mark Niu, 7/8/2019

Exodus: For Bay Area millennials, moving up means moving out
The Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 7/7/2019

Where will California’s high-speed rail stop in the Bay Area?
The Mercury News: Gary Richards, 7/2/2019

Downtown Los Gatos About to Go on a ‘Road Diet’
NBC Bay Area: Scott Budman, 7/1/2019

Silicon Valley is changing the world. It must do more to ensure everyone benefits
CNN Business: Ro Khanna and Carl Guardino, 6/25/2019

San Jose BART subway funding a step closer to being expedited
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 6/25/2019

As Bay Area housing crisis worsens, companies from Google to Wells Fargo ($1 billion each) step up
San Francisco Chronicle: Melia Russell, 6/19/2019

Google rolls out $1 billion plan to build up to 20,000 new homes in the Bay Area
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Luke Stangel, 6/18/2019

Mexicans have a special route to the US job market. Trade wars could close it off
San Francisco Chronicle: Melia Russell, 6/16/2019

Open Forum: California considers an excessive scooter crackdown
San Francisco Chronicle: Jason Baker, 6/14/2019

$100 billion transit tax plan could redefine Bay Area infrastructure
San Francisco Business Times: Ted Andersen, 6/10/2019

Mega-measure: $100 billion traffic-busting tax plan for the Bay Area taking shape
The Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 6/8/2019

San Jose: VTA greenlights Eastridge light rail extension
The Mercury News: Emily Deruy, 6/6/2019

Open Forum: Consumers, not politicians, should guide the tech industry
San Francisco Chronicle: Dan Kostenbauder, 6/1/2019

Many Californians are locked into ‘soul-sucking commutes.’ It’s time for a break
The Sacramento Bee: Carl Guardino, 5/29/2019

Bay Area might get its first-ever regional body for affordable housing
The Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 5/24/2019

Silicon Valley gets in the game for carbon pricing and H.R. 763
Citizens’ Climate Lobby: Flannery Winchester, 5/21/2019

Letter: Ironic that Santa Clara blocked innovative technology
The Mercury News: Tim McRae, 5/21/2019

Google creates mega campus in north San Jose of 1 million square feet with new purchase
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 5/17/2019

Presidential candidate Julián Castro visits Santa Clara
ABC7: Chris Nguyen, 5/17/2019

SVLG CEO: All can make a difference in solving housing issues
The Mercury News: Rose Meily, 5/17/2019

How to Attract Startups and Tech Companies to a City Without Relying on Tax Breaks
Harvard Business News: Jeffrey Bussgang, Craig Montuori, William Brah, 5/15/2019

San Jose: Mayor proposes new ADU program to boost housing
The Mercury News: Emily Deruy, 5/15/2019

Polls show support for Caltrain sales tax in 2020, but is it enough?
San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Cabanatuan, 5/14/2019

Opinion: Shaping Redwood City Saltworks is a discussion worth having
The Mercury News: Carl Guardino, 5/8/2019

Gov. Inslee: Climate change is at heart of 2020 campaign
The San Francisco Chronicle: Lauren Hernández, 5/1/2019

California’s housing problems are a lack of human will, governor’s top adviser says
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 4/26/2019

Bay Area paradox: We need housing, but we don’t want to build faster
The Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 4/22/2019

Carl Guardino on housing, transportation
Capitol Weekly Capitol Weekly Podcast: Capitol Weekly Staff, 4/10/2019

Chances for early federal funding of BART subway look promising
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 4/5/2019

Bold ideas to address the region’s housing crisis
San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce: Chamber News, 4/2/2019

California must prioritize clean drinking water for all
The Mercury News: Mike Mielke, 3/29/2019

Effort begins to put sales tax for Caltrain on ballots of counties it serves
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 3/26/2019

Hit Bay Area employers with per-employee tax? Residents say no
The Mercury News: Ethan Baron, 3/26/2019

44 percent of Bay Area residents thinking of moving away, new survey shows
KRON4: Rob Fladeboe, 3/25/2019

Bay Area Voters: ‘Yes, we’ll pay to fix traffic’ but middling support for housing plan
The Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 3/25/2019

Is the Bay Area pushing people to the breaking point?
The Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 3/24/2019

Boom! Bay Area job surge is led by South Bay, San Francisco, East Bay
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 3/22/2019

California Has the Jobs but Not Enough Homes
The Wall Street Journal: Nour Malas, 3/19/2019

Bay Area group brainstorming to speed up affordable housing projects
ABC7: David Louie, 3/1/2019

How to solve the Bay Area housing crisis? Silicon Valley leaders hash it out
The Mercury News:  Marisa Kendall, 3/1/2019

Silicon Valley CEOs optimistic job growth will continue despite challenges
ABC7: David Louie, 2/27/2019

Silicon Valley tech boom continues, but residents are exiting costly region
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 2/25/2019

eBay Hosts California Governor On His First Trip To Silicon Valley
ebay: Government Relations Team, 2/22/2019

Bay Area leaders hold out hope for ‘Valley to Valley’ high-speed rail connection
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Marlize van Romburgh, 2/13/2019

Carl Guardino on Representing Silicon Valley in the Halls of Power
KQED: Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos, 2/7/2019

Scott Wiener’s battle to give the state some local land-use authority is on again
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 1/28/2019

‘The future is not pretty:’ Bay Area politicians, tech leaders hash out housing solutions
The Mercury News: Marisa Kendall, 1/25/19

State Supreme Court OKs Santa Clara County transportation sales tax
San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Cabanatuan, 1/23/19

Microsoft pledged $500 million for housing. Now what will Silicon Valley tech do?
The Mercury News: Marisa Kendall, 1/17/19

Business navigates California’s one-party state
POLITICO: Jeremy B. White, 1/16/2019

Why preserving the Bay Area’s natural infrastructure is good for business
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Matt Mahan, 1/14/2019

Google Effect: Search giant spurs downtown San Jose boom
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 1/13/2019

‘I want to see the Valley step up:’ Gov. Newsom pressures companies to help build housing
The Mercury News: Marisa Kendall and Katy Murphy, 1/10/2019


Santa Run: neither rain nor Grinch deters dashing throngs
The Mercury News: Sharon Noguchi, 12/13/2018

California considering proposal to tax text messages
ABC7: Amanda del Castillo, 12/12/2018

Thousands participate in Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot in San Jose
KRON 4: Rob Fladeboe, 11/23/2018

Google at Diridon: The Opportunity for Our Downtown
The Mercury News: Nathan Ho, 11/17/2018

Google and San Jose strike land deals for tech titan’s huge downtown transit village
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 11/16/2018

Tech and political leaders call for unity at annual Silicon Valley Leadership Group lunch
San Jose Mercury News: Tatiana Sanchez, 11/2/2018

$6.3 billion transportation tax in Santa Clara County is legal, court says
San Jose Mercury News: Gary Richards, 10/18/2018

SVLG head discusses traffic, housing, Google with Realtors 
The Mercury News: Rose Meily, 10/12/2018

Election 2018: Proposition 6 Would Repeal California’s Gas Tax
KQED Forum: Carl Guardino & Carl DeMaio, 10/2/2018

Governor Brown signs bill to ease development around BART stations
San Jose Mercury News: John Woolfolk, 9/30/2018

Plan could rescind work permits for spouses of H-1B visa workers
KTVU: Maureen Nsylor, 9/26/2018

Congressional response to housing issues? Not much, study says
San Jose Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 9/26/2018

Google transit village in downtown San Jose captures wide support: poll
San Jose Mercury News: George Avalos, 9/20/2018

State Senate passes AB-2923: More housing could be built at BART stations
ABC7 News: Chris Nguyen, 8/23/2018

California lawmakers consider proposal to bring thousands of homes to BART stations
San Jose Mercury News: Katy Murphy & Erin Baldassari, 8/22/2018

Colorado woos tech workers from Silicon Valley

CGTN America: Hendrick Sybrandy, 8/15/2018

H-1B use skyrocketed among Bay Area tech giants

San Jose Mercury News: Ethan Baron, 8/14/2018

Google San Jose village panel ponders jobs, economic, housing impacts

San Jose Mercury News: George Avalos, 8/13/2018

Opinion: California plays a leading, effective role in confronting climate change

The Sacramento Bee: Carl Guardino, 8/09/2018

What’s going on in Silicon Valley? Here’s what’s up for the middle of August

Editorial by Silicon Valley Business Journal, 8/09/2018

Five Capitol fights for August + saving local journalism + hitting energy goals

The Sacramento Bee: Bryan Anderson, 8/06/2018

Letter: Bay Area strongly supports the H-1B visa program

San Jose Mercury News: Peter Leroe-Muñoz, 8/03/2018

Cupertino: Community Briefs for the week of Aug. 3

San Jose Mercury News: Kellie Ann Benz, 8/02/18

Failing upward — homeless, then hope

San Jose Mercury News: Ethan Baron, 8/01/18

San Jose: Community Briefs for residential neighborhoods for the week of July 27

San Jose Mercury News: Kellie Ann Benz and Michelle Pitcher, 7/25/18

Opinion: Why western regional power grid will benefit California

San Jose Mercury News: Opinion Column by Tim McRae, 7/25/18

Proposition 6 Campaign to Repeal California Gas Tax Kicks Off in Bay Area

NBC Bay Area: Robert Handa, 7/23/18

Want your kids to learn new tech skills? Tell their schools to apply for this grant

Sacramento Bee: Bryan Anderson, 7/20/18

From ‘secure our borders’ to ‘resist Trump’: Californians speak out on illegal immigration

Editorial by Sacramento Bee, 7/16/18

Tax proposal leans heavily on big business

Mountain View Voice: Mark Noack, 7/15/18

60 California leaders discuss the future of our state

The Tribune, 7/13/18

What’s going on in Silicon Valley? Here’s what’s up for the week of July 13-20

Editorial by Silicon Valley Business Journal, 7/12/18

Mark Zuckerberg pledges $250,000 to ballot measure aimed at fixing California housing crisis

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Luke Stangel, 7/10/18

Silicon Valley poll finds women face daunting roadblocks in male-dominated tech industry

The News Herald: Katy Murphy, 7/05/18

Would you favor a business head tax?

Palo Alto Online: Diana Diamond, 7/05/18

Bay Area women face roadblocks in male-dominated tech

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Katy Murphy, 7/02/18

Silicon Valley hails Trump for eased limits on Chinese investment

Fox Business: Megan Henney, 6/28/18

Two San Jose Council Members Leave Republican Party Over Trump’s Immigration Policy

San Jose Inside: Winona Rajamohan, 6/26/18

California’s gas tax repeal is now officially headed to a ballot near you

San Jose Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 6/25/18

Deal to protect Californians’ online privacy could head off ballot measure

San Jose Mercury News: John Woolfolk, 6/22/18

Town Hall for Radioactive Waste Concerns in the East Bay

Broadcasted on NBC: Pete Suratos, 6/21/18

Silicon Valley leaders urged President Trump to end family separation policy

ABC7: Kristen Sze, 6/20/18

Presión e influencia de Silicon Valley para terminar con la separación de familias en la frontera

Broadcasted on Univision Television Group, 6/20/18

360 Silicon Valley companies urge Trump to ‘immediately’ stop separating children from parents

Editorial by FOX2, 6/20/18

Silicon Valley leaders urged President Trump to end family separation policy

ABC7: Kristen Sze, 6/20/18

How to solve California’s housing crisis: Influencers have ideas

The Sacramento Bee: Dan Schnur, 6/18/18

Bay Area strongly backs DACA, but still has reservations about undocumented immigrants, poll finds

San Jose Mercury News: Tatiana Sanchez, 6/18/18

H-1B: Bay Area residents view work visa more favorably than nation as a whole

San Jose Mercury News: Ethan Baron, 6/17/18

VTA Receives Federal Record of Decision for BART Silicon Valley Phase II Extension Project

Editorial by Mass Transit, 6/14/18

Here’s when tolls will go up on San Francisco Bay Area bridges

San Francisco Chronicle: Amy Graff, 6/07/18

Big apartment development eyed at Santana Row, 300 units planned

San Jose Mercury News: George Avalos, 6/07/18

Regional Measure 3: Work on transportation improvements could start next year

San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Cabanatuan, 6/06/2018

Bridge-toll hike cruises to victory

Palo Alto Online: Gennady Sheyner, 6/05/2018

Torched mobile health van that serves homeless in San Jose gets lifesaving cash transfusion

ABC7: David Louie, 6/01/2018

Bay Area voters OK higher bridge tolls to curb traffic

San Jose Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 6/05/18

The California Influencer Series

The Sacramento Bee, 6/04/18

Over $150K Raised To Replace Mobile Medical Unit Scorched In Fire

SF Gate: Bay City News Service, 6/01/18

Big Companies Step In To Help Bring Health Care To Homeless

Milpitas Patch: California News Wire Services, 6/01/18

Letter: Regional Measure 3 offers relief, independent oversight

Mercury News: Chris O’Connor, 6/01/18

Safe streets, great schools, jobs: We asked Assembly hopefuls to give you their best pitch

The Californian: Cristian Ponce, 6/01/2018

Drought or no drought: Jerry Brown sets permanent water conservation rules for Californians

Mercury News: Paul Roger, 5/31/18

Judge Persky recall: Both sides hold rallies in battle over judge in Stanford sex assault case

Mercury News: Tracey Kaplan, 5/30/18

Silicon Valley tsunami? Tax plans aimed at Apple, Google could start a new wave, city leaders say

Mercury News: George Avalos,  5/29/18

Dublin Council Thanked

The Independent: Dale Eldridge Kaye, Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group, 5/24/18

Judge Aaron Persky: Dolores Huerta, women’s right to choose invoked in recall battle

Mercury News: Tracey Kaplan, 5/23/18

“Google tax” plan moves ahead in Mountain View after city panel actions

Mercury News: George Avalos, 5/23/18

Five-term Santa Clara County sheriff’s lead narrows in latest poll as new jail report released

Mercury News: Robert Salonga, 5/22/18

Proposition 68: Will voters approve $4.1 billion for parks and water projects?

Mercury News: Paul Rogers, 5/21/18

Measure 3 seeks to ease traffic congestion by raising Bay Area bridge tolls

SF Chronicle: Michael Cabanatuan, 5/20/18

Traffic or $9 tolls? Bay Area voters to decide which is worse

Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 5/18/18

After death threats, new rape laws, voters to finally decide if Brock Turner judge keeps job

Mercury News: Tracey Kaplan, 5/18/18

Regional Measure 3 trades bridge toll hikes for transit improvements

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 5/18/18

Highway 101 gets millions for improvements from Gilroy to South Bay and onto Marin

Mercury News: Gary Richards, 5/18/18

Just one-quarter of voters backing Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith

Mercury News: Robert Salonga, 5/16/18

Bay Area cost of living spikes in 2018

Mercury News: George Avalos, 5/10/18

Toll-hike measure aims to ease congestion

San Mateo Daily Journal: Zachary Clark, 5/10/18

Santa Clara Valley Water District approves $650M to fund controversial ‘WaterFix’ project

KTVU TV: Azenith Smith, 5/9/18

Local leaders split over transportation measure

The Almanac: Gennady Shayner, 5/7/18

The $5 million Google tax that could fix every Silicon Valley problem

SF Chronicle: Wendy Lee, 5/5/18

Santa Clara Valley Water District approves $650M to fund controversial ‘WaterFix’ project

KTVU TV: Azenith Smith, 5/9/18

Twin tunnels get $650 million boost from Silicon Valley water district

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Paul Rogers, 5/8/18

Sharks sue VTA over BART extension to San Jose

ABC7: Chris Nguyuen, 5/4/18

California privacy measure’s backers submit signatures

Mercury News:  Levi Sumagaysay, 5/3/18

Peninsula leaders split over transportation measure

Palo Alto Online: Gennady Sheyner, 5/3/18

Nearly 400 miles of San Jose roads are in bad shape

Mercury News: Emily DeRuy, 5/2/18

Letter: Pacheco Reservoir plan a step in right direction

Mercury News: Mike Mielke, 4/26/18

Silicon Valley Community Foundation CEO put on leave amid scandal

SF Chronicle:  Wendy Lee and Trisha Thadani, 4/26/18

Letter: Housing crisis will require many ideas, collaboration

Mercury News: Carl Guardino, 4/24/18

The Energy Show – Regional Energy Policy Leadership with Tim McRae

SolarWake-Up: Barry Cinnamon

Opinion: SB 827 would maximize housing near transit in California

Mercury News: Carl Guardino, 4/17/18

Report: The Bay Area isn’t bleeding tech workers after all

TechBlog Bay Area: Adam Rowe, 4/14/18

Experts: Urgent cures required for Bay Area housing, traffic ailments

Mercury News: George Avalos, 4/13/18

Community groups issue demands to Google over downtown San Jose village

Mercury News: George Avalos, 4/12/18

How Paul Ryan’s retirement will affect California politics

San Francisco Chronicle: Joe Garofoli, 4/11/18

Tough love for Zuckerberg from Californians in Congress

Sacramento Bee: Emily Cadei, 4/9/2018

POLL: Developers, Tech Industry Fueling High Real Estate Prices

KPIX TV: Devin Fehely, 4/8/18

Who caused the Bay Area’s housing shortage?

Mercury News: Marisa Kendall, 4/8/18

Power players map strategy to get Bay Area bridge toll hike passed in June

San Francisco Chronicle: Matier & Ross, 4/8/18

Opinion: Water conservation bills offer map to California water security

Mercury News: Mike Mielke, 4/7/18

Facebook Scandal Renews Call for Stronger Privacy Protections

San Jose Inside: Kristin Lam, 4/4/18

Dianne Feinstein on negotiating with Trump: ‘It drives you up the wall’

Mercury News: and , 4/2/18

Be nice about it, but firmly oppose Trump’s policies, Guardino says

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 4/3/18

After breach, Feinstein warns Facebook to ‘fix it’ or feds will

San Francisco Chronicle: Joe Garofoli, 4/3/18

Fireside Chat

Sacramento Bee: Taryn Luna, 4/2/18

San Jose downtown tower would add homes, offices, retail

Silicon George Avalos, 3/27/18

San Jose downtown tower would add homes, offices, retail

Mercury News: George Avalos, 3/27/18

The obscure California housing law almost everyone wants to fix

Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 3/26/18

California would be on front lines of US-China trade war

San Francisco Chronicle: David R. Baker, 3/23/18

San Francisco is so expensive that more people are leaving than moving in — and it could mean disaster for the nation’s tech capital

SFGate: Melia Robinson, 3/23/18

San Francisco has a people problem

The Wall Street Journal: Nour Malas and Paul Overberg, 3/22/18

Guest opinion: Get behind RM3, the Bay Area depends on it

San Francisco Business Times: Carl Guardino, Jim Wunderman, Gabe Metcalf, 3/22/18

Land Use Showdown: Battle lines are drawn in SB 827 housing density and height debate

JDSpura: Staff, 3/20/18

State looking to require cities to plan for rising seas

San Francisco Public Press: Kevin Stark, 3/19/18

California will send residents election information through Nextdoor

Engadget: Mallory Locklear, 3/14/18

KPIX: 3/13/18
KPIX: 3/13/18
KPIX: 3/13/18
KPIX: 3/13/18
KGO: 3/13/18
KGO: 3/13/18

New Push to Inform Voters – KQED-FM 7:00 am

KQED: 3/13/18

KCBS: 3/13/18
KOVR: 3/13/18
KMAX: 3/13/18

State using social media site to boost voting

TechWire: Staff, 3/14/18

No tax breaks for building Trump’s wall, lawmaker says

Sacramento Bee: Billy Kobin, 3/13/18

Editorial: Prop. 68 water, parks bond deserves Californians’ support

Mercury News and East Bay Times: Editorial Boards, 3/10/18

Supes vote to place traffic relief measure on ballot

Los Altos Town Crier: 3/7/18

Facebook housing fund gets cash boost, now ready to start backing projects

Mercury News: Marisa Kendall, 3/6/18

Competitiveness report sees a Silicon Valley economy defying gravity

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 3/2/18

By popular demand, tonight’s San Jose ‘tiny homes’ meeting postponed to find bigger home

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 3/1/18

Tech leaders say Silicon Valley’s future depends on resolution of immigration, DACA issues

ABC30: David Louie, 2/28/18


Politico: Li Zhou, 2/28/18


Politico: Li Zhou, 2/27/18

San Jose Google Project Controversy: Lobbyist Claims No Stake

Campbell Patch: Newswire, 2/23/18

Pulte Homes eyes big south San Jose residential project

Mercury News: George Avalos, 2/27/18

Pizarro: Heart & Soles run sets sights on a new healthy goal

Mercury News: Sal Pizzarro, 2/26/18

Adobe plans 2019 construction start for downtown San Jose tower

Mercury News: George Avalos, 2/26/18

Latest Silicon Valley trend: People leaving

San Francisco Chronicle: Jenna Lyons, 2/23/18

Latest Silicon Valley competitiveness report sets off an alarm bell 

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 2/22/18

Thursday Midday News Roundup

Bay City News Service: 2/22/18

Silicon Valley tech hiring outpaces rivals, but woes worsen

Mercury News: George Avalos, 2/22/18

Cost of the California Dream far out of reach for most people under 40, new poll shows

San Francisco Business Times: Riley McDermid, 2/21/18

Trump plan doesn’t pay for much, but it starts infrastructure debate

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 2/20/18

RK Logistics Group to Fund Summer Recreation Scholarships For Low-Income Families in Fremont

The Daily Telescope: Sarah Thompson, 2/20/18

Poll finds strong public support for Google’s downtown San Jose development plans

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 2/20/18

Tuesday’s Briefing: Warriors Take Oakland to Arbitration Over Arena Debt; BART Says No to A’s Jack London Station Plan

East Bay Express: Robert Gammon, 2/20/18

San Jose Voters Put Out Welcome Mat for Google

NBC11: Scott Budman, 2/19/18

Voters back Google village in downtown San Jose by big margin: poll

Mercury News: George Avalos, 2/19/18

The California Dream is tough to afford if you’re under 40

Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 2/18/18

Editorial: To add housing, California must rethink transportation

SF Chronicle: Editorial Board, 2/16/18

Guest commentary: Why California policymakers need to reform higher education now

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Lande Ajose, 2/16/18

Google sought confidential agreements with San Jose City Council

Mercury News: Emily DeRuy, 2/14/18

South Bay, SF residents willing to pay more for expanded Caltrain service, poll finds

Times Herald News: Erin Baldassari, 2/12/18

‘Woefully inadequate:’ Bay Area leaders decry Trump’s ‘puny’ infrastructure plan

Mercury News: Erin Baldasssari, 2/12/18

Bay Area residents want more housing — but not if it worsens their commute

San Francisco Business Times: Riley McDermid, 2/12/18

Bay Area residents want more housing but don’t want worse commute

Times Herald News: Marisa Kendall, 2/12/18

South Bay, SF residents willing to pay more for expanded Caltrain service, poll finds

Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 2/12/18

Bay Area residents want more housing, but …There are a few things locals aren’t willing to sacrifice to get more housing

Mercury News: Marisa Kendall, 2/11/18

No one likes Bay Area traffic, but getting us out of our cars is a challenge

Times New Herald: Erin Baldassari, 2/09/18

Liccardo calls out housing as San Jose’s ‘most dire need’ as critics fault engagement around Google development

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 2/09/18

No one likes Bay Area traffic, but getting us out of our cars is a challenge

Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 2/09/18

Letter: Can the private sector lend a hand in housing crisis?
Mercury News: Letter from Reader, 2/07/18

VTA facing chronic deficits, declining ridership and service cuts 
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 2/05/18

Senate leader to Silicon Valley: Don’t squander ‘major’ housing breakthrough
Mercury News: Marisa Kendall, 2/02/18

Apple just made $88 billion. It’s paying $6 million for housing
San Francisco Chronicle: Wendy Lee, 2/01/18

Bay Area home prices continue double-digit gains on historic streak
Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 1/31/18

Can this candidate for governor fix Silicon Valley’s housing ‘disaster’?
Mercury News: Marisa Kendall, 1/31/18

Google advisory group moves forward in San Jose despite intense pushback
Mercury News: Emily DeRuy, 1/30/18

New and cheaper flights fueled by resurgence at Bay Area airports
Mercury News: John Woolfolk, 1/28/18

International Airport Announces Record Spike In Ridership For Last Year, New Changes For 2018
SF Gate: City News Service, 1/27/18

How rent control, Proposition 13, new laws affect Silicon Valley’s housing woes (Video)
Silicon Valley Business Journal: J. Moss, 1/26/18

Silicon Valley stands at the top of the tech heap — can it stay there?
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 1/25/18

New tax law has business world mixed

Federal reform offers benefits and concerns for Silicon Valley corporations

San Mateo Daily Journal: Samantha Weigel, 1/3/18

Plan finally moving to overhaul H-1B visa program

Mercury News: Tatiana Sanchez, 2/2/18


Silicon Valley’s top 2017 stories in housing, transportation

Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 12/29/17

City prepares trio of new taxes

Mtn. View Voice: Mark Noack, 12/22/17

Business groups, thinktank hire governor’s campaign guru to solve Bay Area traffic woes

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Riley McDermid, 12/21/17

‘Loaded with ornaments.’ These Californians view GOP tax plan as a Christmas gift

Sacramento Bee: Dale Kasler, 12/20/17

60% of San Francisco voters say they want new taxes to pay for transit fixes, local transit authority says

San Francisco Business Times: Antoinette Siu, 12/20/17

New bridge across SF Bay? Transit planners ‘happy’ to take a look

San Francisco Chronicle: Matier and Ross, 12/19/17

$5 Billion Plan to Ease Bay Area Traffic Headed to Ballot

NBC11: Marianne Favro, 12/18/17

Bay Area commuters may have to pay up to ease traffic congestion

ABC7: David Louie, 12/18/17

You Say You Want a New Bridge or 2nd BART Tube? Here’s How You Might Pay for It

KQED: Dan Brekke, 12/18/17

Tax bill whacks liberal big cities

Politico: Aaron Lorenzo, 12/18/17

A multi-billion-dollar ‘mega measure’ to fix Bay Area traffic for good heading your way

Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 12/17/17

Google hosts 6th annual “Santa Run Silicon Valley”

KRON4: Alicia Reid, 12/17/17

Photos: The sixth annual Santa Run Silicon Valley

Mercury News: Josie Lepe, 12/17/17

Transportation, housing top Silicon Valley Leadership Group priorities

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Josh Moss, 12/15/17

California business leaders call on Congress to pass Dreamer legislation

Mercury News: Tatiana Sanchez, 11/21/17

San Jose man revived by strangers at Turkey Trot set for triumphant race return

Mercury News: Robert Salonga, 11/20/17

Thanksgiving Turkey Trots 2017 Chronicle Staff, 11/20/17

Opinion: Already California’s gas tax increase is bringing huge improvements to Bay Area roads

Mercury News: Carl Guardino, 11/20/17


Mercury News: Sal Pizarro, 11/18/17

Silicon Valley confronts an ‘epidemic’ — what to do about housing?

SV Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 11/16/17

You can run, walk or roll at Thanksgiving’s Turkey Trot

Mercury News: Judy Peterson, 11/9/17

Why support for California gas tax repeal may not be what it’s cracked up to be

SV Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 11/13/17

You can run, walk or roll at Thanksgiving’s Turkey Trot

East Bay Times: Judy Peterson, 11/9/17

RK Logistics, Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation Team Up to Support “Stem With Mayor Sam”

Cision PR Web: Gary Frantz, RK Logistics Group, 11/8/17

Google’s San Jose village plan seeks success where Coyote Valley project fizzled, George Avalos, 11/7/17

SILICON VALLEY, mayors challenging Trump on immigration restrictions 

Politico: Carla Marinucci and David Siders, 11/2/17

Affordable housing takes center stage as Silicon Valley civic, business leaders gather to chart future

ABC7 News: David Louie, 11/1/17

12 cent California gas tax now in effect

ABC7 News: News Staff, 10/31/17

California Bill To Require EPDs for Building Materials in State Projects

CodeWatcher: Dan Kuipers, 10/30/17

Opinion: Self-driving cars coming to San Jose — and the streets will be safer

Mercury News: Paul Escobar, 10/25/17

Pizarro: Pow! Wow! festival celebrates murals and music in San Jose

Plus, Google takes over as title sponsor of this year’s Santa Run

Mercury News: Sal Pizzarro, 10/21/17

13th Annual Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot

Mercury News: Mercury news Community, 10/13/17

Opinion: Santa Clara Valley Water District should join in the WaterFix tunnel project

Mercury News: Tarkan Maner, Matt Mahan, Mike Mielke  10/12/17

Bridge toll boost seen as salve for Bay Area transportation woes

San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Cabanatuan, 10/11/17

Gov. Brown approval of Caltrain, Bay Area bridges tax bills draws business praise 

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Josh Moss, 10/10/17

How watching his family’s home burn inspired Sen. Jim Beall to fight for affordable housing

Mercury News: Casey Tolan, 10/8/17

GOP Assemblyman Steinorth Joins Democrats to Pass Bill to Raise Cost of Construction in California

California Political Review: Stephen Frank, 10/4/17

California Bill Would Bring Climate Change Battle to State Construction Projects

Capital and Main: Dean Kuipers, 9/29/17


Los Altos Town Crier: Community Briefs, 9/24/17
San Jose mayor proposes 25,000 residential units amid housing crisis

Mercury News: George Avalos, 10/2/17


POLITICO – Morning Tech: Li Zhou, 9/27/17

California’s current home-building pace won’t tame skyrocketing prices soon, forecast says

Mercury News: George Avalos, 9/27/17


Politico – California Playbook: Carla Marinucci, 9/26/17

Opinion: Caltrain counties deserve a chance to vote on a tax and stable funding plan

Mercury News:  Chris O’Connor and Jennifer Stojkovic, 9/27/17

Debating the timetable for supply-chain futureshock


Brain: Robert J. Bowman, 9/25/17

Roadshow: Lawsuit means delays on Measure B projects

Mercury News: Gary Richards, 9/24/17

Has Silicon Valley Reached Its Peak?

KPIX, Ch.5: Mark Sayer, 9/22/17

PD Editorial: A little relief from California’s housing crisis

The Press Democrat: Editorial Board, 9/20/17

Housing woes spur Bay Area residents to ponder exodus from costly region, poll says

Mercury News: George Avalos, 9/19/17

Silicon Valley: ‘Proud parent’ on Google transit village’s potential

Mercury News: George Avalos, 9/18/17

Laws providing county ways to seek transit tax

The Daily Journal: Samantha Weigel, 9/18/17

Plan to spend $1.5B in climate money includes union boost

KCRA: Associated Press, 9/15/17

Governor hopefuls gather in MV

Mountain View Voice: Mark Noack, 9/14/17

What your additional $3 bridge toll would pay for if Senate Bill 595 passes 

Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 9/13/17

Slideshow: $3 toll hike heads to governor’s desk; Here’s how your $8 toll will be spent

Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 9/13/17

Opinion: Business leaders want 100 percent clean energy bill

Mercury News: Danny Kennedy and Tim McRae, 9/13/17

DACA’s impact on Silicon Valley

NBC11: Scott Budman, 9/5/17

South Bay Officials Condemn Trump’s Decision to End DACA

SanJoseInside: Silicon Valley Newsroom, 9/5/17

Affordable housing: Can Sacramento get it under control?

Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 9/5/17

Vigil planned in wake of DACA repeal

Mountain View Voice: Kevin Forestieri, 9/5/17

Opinion: San Jose’s sustainability plan is good government use of tech

Mercury News: 9/4/17

Pizarro: Silicon Valley looks back on 40 years

Mercury News: Sal Pizarro, 9/2/17

Lawsuit puts VTA sales tax increase in limbo

Daily Post: Allison Levitsky,  8/31/17

Opinion: Inclusionary housing law will create more affordable apartments

Mercury News: Ron Gonzales and David Kramer, 8/31/17
East Bay Times: Sen. Steve Glazer, 8/19/17
The Record: George Avalos, 8/18/17
Santa Cruz Sentinel: Paul Rogers, 8/18/17
Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 8/17/17
Mercury News: Mercury News Editorial Board, 8/17/17
Mercury News: George Avalos, 8/9/17
Los Altos Online: Los Altos Town Crier Staff, 8/8/17
Bay Area News Group: George Avalos, 8/8/17
Milpitas Post: Editorial Board, 8/4/17
Mercury News: Victoria Kezra, 8/4/17
SF Chronicle: Hamed Aleaziz and Trisha Thadani, 8/2/17
Broadcast on Radio Stations KLIV and KRTY
CBS San Francisco: Susies Steimle and Kiet Do, 7/31/17
State, local leaders celebrate groundbreaking of long-awaited Caltrain electrification project
Kron4: Philippe Djegal, 7/21/17

Caltrain starts construction on long-awaited electrification project

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 7/21/17

Italy strengthens ties to Silicon Valley with honorary consul

The Mercury News: Sal Pizarro, 7/25/17

Cap-and-Trade Measure Good for Job Creation Says Clean Transportation Tech Industry Organization

Business Insider: MarketWire, 7/25/17

Will San Jose to Fresno bullet train become the Silicon Valley Express?

The Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 7/24/17

Caltrain electrification project kicks off with groundbreaking ceremony

The Mercury News: Casey Tolan, 7/22/17

Opinion: Has the Silicon Valley Leadership Group lived up to David Packard’s expectations?

The Mercury News: Cindy Chavez and Jim Cunneen, 7/21/17

Caltrain Electrification Groundbreaking

StreetsBlog SF: Roger Rudick, 7/21/17

How Carl Guardino and his conscience guide Silicon Valley business

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 7/20/17

Opinion: The WaterFix twin tunnel plan for the Delta is needed to secure our water supply

The Mercury News: Dan Gordon, 7/19/17

Big victory for Jerry Brown as Legislature backs climate-change program

The Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 7/17/17

Cap and Trade advocate: Business supports anti-pollution, pro-clean tech bill

The Mercury News: Mike Mielke, 7/17/17

Opinion: To end housing crisis, California needs to make it easier to build

The Mercury News: Leslye Corsiglia and Carl Guardino, 7/16/17

A vote on California’s landmark climate legislation is coming down to the wire

Vox: Ruairí Arrieta-Kenna, 7/15/17

Proposed Ballot Measure Would Raise Bridge Tolls Up to $3

CBS San Francisco Bay Area: 7/14/17

Roadshow: Cheers! New interchange coming at 101-San Antonio

Mercury News: Gary Richards, 7/13/17

Trump Administration Delays Startup Visa Rule, With a View to Scrap It Entirely

India West: 7/12/17

California Business Leaders Respond to Bills Advancing State’s Cap-and-Trade Program

Highland News: 7/11/17

Brown’s cap-and-trade bill exposes fault lines of state politics

SF Chronicle: David R. Baker, 7/11/17

Are Facebook and Google pushing for a $3 bridge toll increase?

ABC10: Barbara Harvey, 7/11/17

Debate rages over California cap-and-trade deal, concessions to Big Oil

San Jose Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 7/11/17

Jerry Brown, lawmakers announce California climate deal

San Jose Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 7/11/17

Traffic prompts possible bridge toll hikes, local sales tax

The Daily Journal: Samantha Weigel, 7/10/17

Trump administration suspends rule for “startup visas”

San Jose Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 7/10/17

Cities fight bill to streamline cell antenna installations

San Jose Mercury News: Ramona Giwargis, 7/5/17

Poll: Voters support $3 bridge toll hike to ease traffic gridlock

Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 7/3/17

Bay Area voters may be asked to OK bridge toll hike of up to $3

San Francisco Chronicle: Phil Matier and Andy Ross, 7/2/17

Trump’s favorabilty dismal in Silicon Valley — de Blasio picks up a major victory

Politico: 6/30/17

Internal Affairs: Gavin Newsom leads governor’s race in Santa Clara County, poll finds

Mercury News: Casey Tolan, 6/30/17

Volunteer K-12 tutoring popular with voters, Silicon Valley poll finds

Mercury News: Gillian Brassil, 6/30/17

Officials celebrate opening of Mayfield Place

Palo Alto Online: Elinor Aspegren, 6/30/17

Here’s who Santa Clara County voters lean to for state’s next governor

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 6/30/17

Silicon Valley Realtors urged to find solutions to housing issues … and fast

Mercury News: Rose Meily, 6/29/17

Why volunteer tutors are hard to find and why Silicon Valley needs more of them

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 6/29/17

Google buses, other corporate shuttles are popular, poll suggests George Avalos, 6/28/17

Bay Area poll: Idea to help fix housing crisis gets support George Avalos, 6/27/17

Poll: Caltrain sales tax hike draws huge voter support

Mercury News: George Avalos, 6/26/17

Three Bay Area Counties May Decide Whether to Support Caltrain with Sales Tax Measure

Planetizen: Irwin Dawid, 6/26/17

Tech industry on travel ban: The fight goes on

CNN: Seth Fiegerman, 6/26/17

New sales tax for Caltrain? A 1/8-cent levy is in the works

East Bay Times: Katy Murphy, 6/22/17

CA: Legislators Propose Sales Tax to Help Fund Caltrain

Mass Transit: Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, 6/22/17

California, New York state legislation looks to bolster transit funding

Railway Track and Structures: Mischa Wanek-Libman, 6/22/17

Bill to allow Caltrain sales tax: Legislation seeks to cover capital and operating costs through ballot measure

The Daily Journal: Sara Gaiser, 6/22/17

What Does The Google Mega-Campus Mean For San Jose?

Bisnow: Julie Littman, 6/21/17

Proposed Tax Would Help Caltrain Fund Improvements And Operations, Peninsula Lawmakers Say

San Mateo Patch:  

Sales tax bill would end Caltrain’s dependence on county contributions

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 6/21/17

Legislators propose sales tax to help fund Caltrain

San Francisco Examiner: Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, 6/21/17

San Jose’s tightrope over Google’s downtown village plan

San Jose Mercury News: George Avalos, 6/21/17

Legislation introduced to allow Caltrain sales tax

Mountain View Voice: Bay City News service, 6/21/17

Google was loved in San Jose even before its downtown development announcement, poll says

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 6/20/17

CA: Google’s San Jose Renewal Plan: ‘Grand Central of the West’

Mass Transit: Source McClatchy/George Avalos, 6/19/17

America’s tech titans think Trump doesn’t get their needs

Belleville News-Democrat: Anshu Siripurapu, 6/19/17

Google’s San Jose renewal plan: ‘Grand Central of the West’


Times: 6/18/17

On transportation, immigration and housing, Silicon Valley leaders look left for solutions

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 6/15/17

Yahoo-Verizon deal closes. It’s the fall of a giant, end of an era

LA Times: Ethan Baron, 6/13/17

Yahoo: Fall of a giant, end of an era

Mercury News: Ethan Baron, 6/12/17

Apple, Amazon, Google, and hundreds of businesses vowed to meet Paris climate goals on their own ‘in the absence of leadership from Washington’

Business Insider: Biz Carson, 6/5/17

California business, political leaders blast Trump for pulling out of climate agreement

Vallejo Times-Herald News: Paul Rogers, 6/02/17

California business, political leaders blast Trump for pulling out of climate agreement 

Mercury News: Paul Rogers, 6/1/17

Commentary: Warning signs Silicon Valley cannot ignore Brian Brennan, Erica Wood, 5/30/17

California Today – The warnings signs are piling up: Silicon Valley’s success is not a given

The New York Times: Brian Brennan, Erica Wood, 5/28/17

Warning signs that Silicon Valley cannot ignore

Mercury News: Brian Brennan, Erica Wood, 5/28/17

Caltrain Electrification May Also Benefit Commuters On 101, 280

KCBS Radio/KPIXTV: 5/23/17

Jim Hartnett Releases Statement in Regards to Caltrain Funding

MassTransit Magazine: Jim Harnett, 5/23/17

Feds finally OK Caltrain’s electrification funding after intense political fight

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 5/22/17

Federal funding for Caltrain electrification project approved

KTVU FOX News, Azenith Smith, 5/22/17

Feds Approve $647 Million Grant for Caltrain Electrification Project

KQED: Dan Brekke, 5/22/17

Feds approve $647 million grant for Caltrain electrification project

Mercury News: Casey Tolan and Katy Murphy, Bay Area Newsgroup, 5/22/17

Editorial: Caltrain gets big win with electrification funding

Mercury News: Mercury News Editorial Board, 5/22/17

Caltrain electrification project back on track with federal funding

SFGate: Michael Cabanatuan, 5/23/17

Electrifying Caltrain news: Feds announce funding; delayed $647 million grant will finally receive approval, allowing modernization to proceed

Daily Journal: Samantha Weigel, 5/23/17

A Change of Heart by Secretary Chao on California’s Oldest Commuter Rail Line

Planetizen: Irvin Dawid, 5/23/17

ACCUSATIONS fly after Democratic PARTY CHAIR fight — Dems target NUNES, HUNTER — HEALTH CARE sticker shock in Sacramento

Politico: Carla Marinucci & David Siders, 5/23/17

CA: Caltrain Electrification Project Back on Track with Federal Funding

Mass Transit: Michael Cabanatuan, 5/23/17   

Feds Sign Off On $647 Million Grant to Electrify Caltrain

San Jose Inside: Silicon Valley Newsroom, 5/23/17

The business bulwark behind California’s climate progress

GreenBiz: Barbara Grady, 5/22/17

FedEx hit as NSA-linked ransomware spreads around the world

Mercury News: Ethan Baron, 5/12/17

Here’s what Silicon Valley CEOs want from Sacramento

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 5/10/17

Guest commentary: Why everyone has to chip in for California’s roads

Silicon Valley Business  Journal: Sen. Bob Wieckowski & CEO Carl Guardino, 5/4/17

Good news for Caltrain? Federal budget includes $100 million for electrification

Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 5/3/17

Taking on teacher tenure in California is no small undertaking

Sacramento Bee: Editorial Board, 5/01/17

Big Political Summit Hit Gilroy

Gilroy Dispatch, Jack Foley, 4/27/17

San Jose expert says there’s good, bad in Trump’s tax plan

ABC7: Katie Marzullo, 4/26/17

California’s Fast-Track Gas Tax

US News and World Report: Dawn Chmielewski, 4/24/17

Sen. Dianne Feinstein urges Silicon Valley to fight Republicans on Caltrain funding

Mercury News: Tracy Seipel, 4/21/17

Jeff Denham shows up, sort of. Trump is opaque. Devin Nunes ducks

Sacramento Bee: Dan Morain, 4/19/17

Feds face big obstacle in cyber efforts: Geography

The Hill: Joe Uchill, 4/19/17

Congress: Fix H-1Bs before Trump meddles for real

Sacramento Bee: Editorial Board, 4/18/17

All signs point to Feinstein re-election run in 2018

San Francisco Chronicle: Matier & Ross, 4/16/17

How a tax plan unites progressives, the Koch brothers and Walmart

San Francisco Chronicle: Joe Garofoli, 4/15/17

April 10 Letters: Stick to facts on Caltrain electrification

Mercury News: Chris O’Connor, 4/10/17

California transportation programs win in Legislature and courtroom

San Jose Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 4/7/17

Don’t delay road bill; repair costs are only rising

San Francisco Chronicle: Ryan Popple and Chris O’Connor, 4/5/17

GOMEZ leads CA-34 special, AHN poised for second — New IGS poll: High approval for Legislature, BROWN — Two DEMS jump in to challenge WALTERS

Politico: Carla Marinucci and David Siders’, 4/5/17

Opinion: Why California should pass transportation bill

Mercury News: Greg Becker and Celeste Ford, 4/4/17

Gov. Brown’s big transportation package faces staunch opposition

San Francisco Chronicle: Melody Gutierrez, 4/4/17

New guideline for H-1B visas may make things harder for Silicon Valley

ABC7 News: Janine De La Vega, 4/3/17

Saratoga Library hosts only ‘money’ stop in Bay Area

Mercury News: Brandy Miceli, 3/31/17

Governor, Democratic legislators come together on huge California transportation bill

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 3/29/17

New Campaign Urges Renewed Effort to Expand CAISO

RTO Insider: Robert Mullin, 3/29/17

Transportation leaders: We’ll fight to save Bay Area transit projects from Trump cuts

East Bay Times: Erin Baldassari, 03/18/17

Pizarro: Great America’s new roller coaster Patriot — and what it replaced

Mercury News: Sal


, 3/21/17

Santa Clara Around Town

The Santa Clara Weekly: Carolyn Schuk

Caltrain electrification funds at risk in budget: Trump’s proposal shows pullback on federal transit funding

The Daily Journal: Samantha Weigel, 3/20/17

Opinion: Trump budget cataclysmic for BART and other transportation projects

The Mercury News: Jeannie Burns, 3/21/17

When it comes to roads and dams, Jerry Brown isn’t always a Trump resister

Sacramento Bee: Christopher Cadelago, 3/22/17


Politico: Carla Marinucci and David Siders, 03/16/17


Politico – Morning Tech Report: Li Zhou, 03/16/17

Caltrain funding still iffy following Washington lobbying trip by Silicon Valley officials

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 03/16/17

Silicon Valley leaders leave D.C. trip with some optimism

San Jose Mercury News: Queenie Wong, 03/15/17


Politico – Morning Tech Report: Li Zhou, 03/14/17

TECH LEADERS HIT D.C.: Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Politico: Carla Marinucci and David Siders, 03/14/17

Silicon Valley leaders head to D.C. to push tech agenda

SFGate: Trisha Thadani, 03/13/17

Proterra CEO Joins Board of Silicon Valley Leadership Group

NGT News: Lauren Tyler, 03/14/17

Scores of Silicon Valley leaders descend on D.C. to press the flesh with U.S. lawmakers

The Mercury News: Queenie Wong, 03/13/17

Alaska Airlines adds 3 new direct flights from San Jose — but here’s where Silicon Valley leaders really want to go

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Rosellen Downey, 3/9/17

Don’t leave H-1B visas in limbo

San Francisco Chronicle: Editorial, 03/8/17

Expedition Of H-1B Visa Processing Suspended

ScienceWorldReport: 3/08/17

Slowdown in H-1Bs could mean trouble for Silicon Valley

Mercury News: Patrick May, 3/7/17

Silicon Valley mixed on Trump’s next moves

USA Today: Jon Swartz, 03/06/17

Gas tax proposed to help pay for much-needed San Jose road repairs

ABC7 News: David Louie, 3/6/17

In Silicon Valley, Caltrain Upgrade Is Imperiled as Trump Withholds Funds

San Francisco Chronicle: Thomas Fuller, 03/06/17

In Silicon Valley, Caltrain Upgrade Is Imperiled as Trump Withholds Funds

New York Times: Thomas Fuller, 3/o6/17

Silicon Valley Leaders Gather to Discuss Regions Economic Engine

ABC7: Kristen Sze, 03/03/17

Silicon Valley fights to maintain its tech dominance

FOX2: 03/03/17

San Jose regional economy strong, but challenges imperil job growth

The Mercury News: George Avalos, 03/02/17

What worries tech, philanthropic leaders about Silicon Valley’s future

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 03/02/17

From the editor: Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble in Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley Business Journal: J. Jennings Moss, 03/02/17

San Mateo Rallies to Rescue Caltrain Electrification

StreetsBlog: Eli Wirtschafter, 03/01/17

Silicon Valley tech leaders: Caltrain cut would cost region 10,000 jobs

Silicon Valley Business Journal: SVBJ Staff, 02/10/17

Electrification Of Caltrain Could Come To A Screeching Halt

KPIX News: Melissa Caen, 02/10/17

Tech leaders: Economy will take hit if GOP cuts Bay Area rail line

Politico: Carla Marinucci and David Siders, 02/09/17

Carl Guardino: Silicon Valley and region want Caltrain to achieve ‘market share’

San Jose Mercury News: Carl Guardino, 01/17/17


Tech reaches out to Donald Trump 

Silicon Valley Beat: Levi Sumagaysay, 11/30/16

Facing Immigration Crackdown, Silicon Valley Rethinks Its Dreams

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Ellen Huet, Gerrit De Vynck, 11/17/16

Measure B will help relieve traffic

Silicon Valley Community Newspaper: Editorial, 10/21/16

Yes on measures A and B: Editorial

Los Altos Town Crier: Crier Staff, 10/26/16

Measure B will tackle traffic jams head-on

Palo Alto Daily: Editorial, 10/21/16

Endorsement: How Measure B would help Silicon Valley’s transportation mess

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Malcolm Bordelon Endorsement, 10/13/16

Endorsement: ‘Yes’ on Measure B

San Jose Inside: Silicon Valley Newsroom, 10/12/16

Editorial: Yes on Santa Clara County measures A, B

Mountain View Voice: Embarcadero Media Editorial Board, 10/201/16

Opinion: Vote Yes on Measure B

Morgan Hill The Times: Carl Guardino, John Horner, 10/20/16

Pizarro: ‘Traffic Jam’ a lighthearted way to spread Measure B message

Mercury News: Sal Pizarro, 10/19/16

Endorsement: How Measure B would help Silicon Valley’s transportation mess

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Malcolm Bordelon, 10/13/16

Half Cent Tax Could Fix Roads and Rails

Gilroy Dispatch: Roseann Hernandez-Cattani, 9/29/16

Editorial: Finish BART, repair streets with Measure B

Mercury News: Mercury News Editorial Board, 9/17/16

Milpitas Post Editorial: The half-cent sales tax increase to take a giant bite out of our traffic congestion may tough sell but worth it

Mercury News: Mercury News, 8/5/16

Tom Fallon, Ron Sege and Peter Leroe-Muñoz: TPP is critical to Silicon Valley prosperity

Mercury News: Tom Fallon, Peter Leroe-Munoz, Rob Sege, 3/16/16

Mentions From Other Regions

The San Francisco Bay Area exodus

CGTN America: Mark Niu, 6/27/18

Assembly Bill 1668 Letter – 50 Gallon INSIDE Water Use Questions

San Bruno Patch: Robert Riechel, 6/15/18

Visa restriction on Chinese students creates a no-win situation

CGTN America: Mark Niu, 6/11/18

Silicon Valley tsunami? Tax plans aimed at Apple, Google could start a new wave, city leaders say
The Star: George Avalos, 5/31/18

Is California’s High Cost Of Housing Scaring Off Job Seekers?

KPCC: David Wagner, 5/24/18

Majority of California voters want to repeal gas tax increase, poll finds

LA Times: Patrick McGreevy, 5/24/18

Developers and tech industry blamed for Bay Area housing woes

National Mortgage Professionals Magazine: Phil Hall, 4/9/18

2 of the top Senate committees are planning a blockbuster hearing with Mark Zuckerberg

Business Insider:  Joe Perticone, 4/5/18

‘Knock it off’ over DACA reversal, Feinstein tells Trump

The Tribune:  Taryn Luna, 4/2/18

Dianne Feinstein bemoans instability Trump has created across US

Daily Democrat: Tatiana Sanchez, 4/3/18

Dianne Feinstein on negotiating with Trump: ‘It drives you up the wall’

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Casey Tolan and Tatiana Sanchez, 4/3/18

Facebook Housing Venture Nears Reality

Northwest Arkansas

Democrat Gazette

: Marisa Kendall, 3/11/18

Facebook housing fund gets cash boost, now ready to start backing project
The Star Online: Marisa Kendall, 3/8/18

CNBC Transcript: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Sits Down with CNBC’s Jon Fortt Today

CNBC’s “Squawk Alley“: Jon Fortt, 3/7/18

No easy fix seen for Bay Area traffic, housing woes

Santa Cruz Sentinel: George Avalo, 2/24/18

Some words from your Mayor Jim Reed

Tracy Press Banner: Jim Reed, 2/8/18

CA: New and Cheaper Flights Fueled by Resurgence at Bay Area Airports

Aviation Pros: John Woolfolk, 1/29/18

12.5 million passengers: Record growth for Silicon Valley’s Airport in 2017

ETurboNews: Assignment Editor, 1/27/18

Bill would overhaul visa program, putting outsourcing firms at disadvantage

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Tatiana Sanchez, 1/1/18

A multi-billion-dollar ‘mega measure’ to fix Bay Area traffic for good

Record-Bee: Erin Baldassari, 12/29/17

Married? Middle class? Californian? Get ready to be a loser under Trump’s tax plan

Fredrick Newspost: Sacramento Bee, 12/22/17

Tech industry cheers GOP tax overhaul

Geekwire: Monica Nicklesburg, 12/20/17

Dear Turkey Trotters: Uncle Sam Wants You—One Million of You!

Runner’s World: Paul Snyder, 11/17/17

RIDING FOR FOCUS: How Specialized is getting kids out of the classroom and onto bikes

The Specialized Foundation: Ian Treloar, 11/3/17

Cisco : Google’s San Jose village plan seeks success where Coyote Valley project fizzled

4Traders: San Jose Mercury News, 11/11/17


Oakdale 10/25/17

GOP leaders say immigration bill coming in 2018

From Press: The Hill, 11/8/17

Leading Transportation Strategist to Keynote Fleet Forward Conference

HDT Trucking Info: Amy Winter-Hircher, 10/4/17

After a Series of Foster Care Hackathons, Here’s What Happened Next

The Chronicle for Social Change:  9/15/17

Plan to spend $1.5B in climate money includes union boost

The News and Observer: Jonathan Cooper, 9/16/17

California Assembly narrowly OKs affordable housing bills

Daily Democrat: Casey Tolan, Katy Murphy, 9/15/17

Poll: Gavin Newsom still leads field in California governor’s race

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Tracy Siepel, Ramona Giwargis, 9/15/17

Caltrain sales tax measure closer to reality

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Katy Murphy, 9/ 2/17

Assembly needs to support housing bill

Venture County Star: Margarita H. de Escontrias and Rob Wiener, 9/2/17

Will Bullet Train Become Express for Silicon Valley

Texarkana Gazette: Mercury News, 8/23/17

San Bruno Patch: Robert Riechel, 7/21/17

HeraldNet: Anshu Siripurapu, 6/19/17

Haley: ‘President Trump believes the climate is changing’

Newburg Gazette: Dwayne Harmon, 6/16/17

Yahoo-Verizon deal closes. It’s the fall of a giant, end of an era

LA Times: Ethan Baron, 6/13/16

Telecoms giant Verizon closes its $4.48bn deal with Yahoo

Verdict: Elizabeth Perlman, 6/13/17

Facebook, Amazon, Google and Hundreds of American Businesses Tell President Trump ‘We Are Still In’ Paris Climate Accord

Inc, Southeast Asia:  Biz Carson, 6/6/17

Feds approve $647 million grant for Caltrain electrification project

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Casey Tolan and Katy Murphy, Bay Area Newsgroup, 5/22/17

Feinstein urges Silicon Valley to fight GOP on Caltrain funding

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Tracy Seipel, Bay Area Newsgroup, 4/21/17

Confidence in Bay Area’s economy slipping

The Lake County Record-Bee: George Avalos, 4/4/17

The Case for California to Engage in Grid Markets Across the West

Greentech Media: Jeff St. John, 3/30/17

California Editorial Roundup

Miami Herald: Associated Press, 3/28/17

Trump wants to kill Obama’s climate plan. What does that mean for renewable energy in the West?

The Desert Sun: Sammy Roth, 3/28/17

Why Portland, Maine, Is the Next Tech Hot Spot

BostInno: Nicola Morris, 03/06/17

Seattle’s population is growing at nearly double the rate of Silicon Valley but it still lags behind as an innovation hub
GeekWire: Monica Nickelsburg, 03/03/17

Denver, Dallas, even L.A. 10 cities welcoming workers fleeing Silicon Valley prices

Geektime: Gedalyah Reback, 03/03/17

Silicon Valley mourns loss of TPP as Trump withdraws from pact

Mercury News: Marissa Kendall, 01/3/17

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