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Featured below are select articles and stories featuring Silicon Valley Leadership Group activities, leadership, policies, initiatives, programs, partners, and impact.


BART’s wish list for $100 billion ‘mega measure’: Second bay crossing, new fare gates
The Mercury News: Nico Savidge, 9/30/2019

GM strike is a surprising modern test of the power of workers versus corporations
Detroit Free Press: Phoebe Wall Howard, 9/28/2019

Silicon Valley embraces community colleges as a source of new, trained employees
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Allison Levitsky, 9/27/2019

BART delays won’t derail downtown San Jose momentum: experts
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 9/25/2019

Sunday ToPIX: Bay Area Housing/Gig Economy
KPIX 5 News: Phil Matier and Carl Guardino, 9/22/2019

Temporary reprieve on government plan to ban work for H-4 visa holders
San Francisco Chronicle: Carolyn Said, 9/17/2019

At the intersection of tech, climate and the land of Silicon Valley
Marketplace Tech: 9/16/2019

California is experiencing a housing shortage. Why are permits down 20 percent?
The Sacramento Bee, Dan Schnur,  9/1/2019

Letter: BART extension is closer to completion
The Mercury News, Letters to the Editor,  9/1/2019

Bay Area exodus: Thousands more fleeing region than arriving from other states
The Mercury News, Emily Deruy,  8/30/2019

BART Nabs $125M in Federal Funds to Speed Up San Jose Extension
SF Weekly, Ida Mojadad,  8/29/2019

Federal government readies to give BART’s San Jose extension first installment of funds
The Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 8/29/2019

BART’s extension through San Jose chosen to receive $125 million federal grant
San Francisco Chronicle: Rachel Swan and Lauren Hernández, 8/29/2019

Feds to make major San Jose BART subway funding announcement today
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 8/28/2019

Takeaways from top female leaders during Women Equality Day
San Jose Spotlight: Janice Bitters, 8/28/2019

Google gift bolsters Salvation Army’s San Jose affordable homes development
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 8/28/2019

Pelosi, women leaders in Silicon Valley: ‘We still have quite a ways to go’ on equality
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Marlize van Romburgh, 8/27/2019

NASA celebrates women leaders, aims for first woman on moon by 2024
The Mercury News: Erin Woo, 8/26/2019

America’s top female leaders stop in Silicon Valley to talk women equality
San Jose Spotlight: Janice Bitters, 8/26/2019

NASA honors trailblazers on Women’s Equality Day
KTVU: Jesse Gary, 8/26/2019

One-Cent Regional Sales Tax for Transit Could Be on 2020 Ballot for Bay Area Voters
NBC Bay Area: Bay City News, 8/22/2019

You Lose 103 Hours a Year Sitting in Bay Area Traffic: Study
NBC Bay Area: Scott Budman, 8/22/2019

Capitol Weekly’s Top 100: Ten years and counting
Capitol Weekly: Capitol Weekly Staff, 8/21/2019

The Bay Area is booming — and bracing for a slowdown
San Francisco Chronicle: Carolyn Said, 8/17/2019

Philbrick: New mega measure for transportation can succeed
San Jose Spotlight: Karen E. Philbrick, 8/8/2019

Guest opinion: Why California wins if Congress OKs new North American trade pact
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Peter Leroe-Muñoz, 7/26/2019

San Jose, San Francisco among nation’s most educated metro areas
The Mercury News: Leonardo Castaneda, 7/24/2019

Caltrain has an ambitious plan to run BART-like service. Here’s what it will mean for Bay Area traffic
The Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 7/22/2019

Bigger Rebate Proposed For Electric Car Buyers
KCBS Radio: Melissa Curlross, 7/8/2019

China-US trade tensions weighing on Silicon Valley jobs
CGTN: Mark Niu, 7/8/2019

Exodus: For Bay Area millennials, moving up means moving out
The Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 7/7/2019

Where will California’s high-speed rail stop in the Bay Area?
The Mercury News: Gary Richards, 7/2/2019

Downtown Los Gatos About to Go on a ‘Road Diet’
NBC Bay Area: Scott Budman, 7/1/2019

Silicon Valley is changing the world. It must do more to ensure everyone benefits
CNN Business: Ro Khanna and Carl Guardino, 6/25/2019

San Jose BART subway funding a step closer to being expedited
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 6/25/2019

As Bay Area housing crisis worsens, companies from Google to Wells Fargo ($1 billion each) step up
San Francisco Chronicle: Melia Russell, 6/19/2019

Google rolls out $1 billion plan to build up to 20,000 new homes in the Bay Area
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Luke Stangel, 6/18/2019

Mexicans have a special route to the US job market. Trade wars could close it off
San Francisco Chronicle: Melia Russell, 6/16/2019

Open Forum: California considers an excessive scooter crackdown
San Francisco Chronicle: Jason Baker, 6/14/2019

$100 billion transit tax plan could redefine Bay Area infrastructure
San Francisco Business Times: Ted Andersen, 6/10/2019

Mega-measure: $100 billion traffic-busting tax plan for the Bay Area taking shape
The Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 6/8/2019

San Jose: VTA greenlights Eastridge light rail extension
The Mercury News: Emily Deruy, 6/6/2019

Open Forum: Consumers, not politicians, should guide the tech industry
San Francisco Chronicle: Dan Kostenbauder, 6/1/2019

Many Californians are locked into ‘soul-sucking commutes.’ It’s time for a break
The Sacramento Bee: Carl Guardino, 5/29/2019

Bay Area might get its first-ever regional body for affordable housing
The Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 5/24/2019

Silicon Valley gets in the game for carbon pricing and H.R. 763
Citizens’ Climate Lobby: Flannery Winchester, 5/21/2019

Letter: Ironic that Santa Clara blocked innovative technology
The Mercury News: Tim McRae, 5/21/2019

Google creates mega campus in north San Jose of 1 million square feet with new purchase
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 5/17/2019

Presidential candidate Julián Castro visits Santa Clara
ABC7: Chris Nguyen, 5/17/2019

SVLG CEO: All can make a difference in solving housing issues
The Mercury News: Rose Meily, 5/17/2019

How to Attract Startups and Tech Companies to a City Without Relying on Tax Breaks
Harvard Business News: Jeffrey Bussgang, Craig Montuori, William Brah, 5/15/2019

San Jose: Mayor proposes new ADU program to boost housing
The Mercury News: Emily Deruy, 5/15/2019

Polls show support for Caltrain sales tax in 2020, but is it enough?
San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Cabanatuan, 5/14/2019

Opinion: Shaping Redwood City Saltworks is a discussion worth having
The Mercury News: Carl Guardino, 5/8/2019

Gov. Inslee: Climate change is at heart of 2020 campaign
The San Francisco Chronicle: Lauren Hernández, 5/1/2019

California’s housing problems are a lack of human will, governor’s top adviser says
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 4/26/2019

Bay Area paradox: We need housing, but we don’t want to build faster
The Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 4/22/2019

Carl Guardino on housing, transportation
Capitol Weekly Capitol Weekly Podcast: Capitol Weekly Staff, 4/10/2019

Chances for early federal funding of BART subway look promising
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 4/5/2019

Bold ideas to address the region’s housing crisis
San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce: Chamber News, 4/2/2019

California must prioritize clean drinking water for all
The Mercury News: Mike Mielke, 3/29/2019

Effort begins to put sales tax for Caltrain on ballots of counties it serves
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 3/26/2019

Hit Bay Area employers with per-employee tax? Residents say no
The Mercury News: Ethan Baron, 3/26/2019

44 percent of Bay Area residents thinking of moving away, new survey shows
KRON4: Rob Fladeboe, 3/25/2019

Bay Area Voters: ‘Yes, we’ll pay to fix traffic’ but middling support for housing plan
The Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 3/25/2019

Is the Bay Area pushing people to the breaking point?
The Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 3/24/2019

Boom! Bay Area job surge is led by South Bay, San Francisco, East Bay
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 3/22/2019

California Has the Jobs but Not Enough Homes
The Wall Street Journal: Nour Malas, 3/19/2019

Bay Area group brainstorming to speed up affordable housing projects
ABC7: David Louie, 3/1/2019

How to solve the Bay Area housing crisis? Silicon Valley leaders hash it out
The Mercury News:  Marisa Kendall, 3/1/2019

Silicon Valley CEOs optimistic job growth will continue despite challenges
ABC7: David Louie, 2/27/2019

Silicon Valley tech boom continues, but residents are exiting costly region
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 2/25/2019

eBay Hosts California Governor On His First Trip To Silicon Valley
ebay: Government Relations Team, 2/22/2019

Bay Area leaders hold out hope for ‘Valley to Valley’ high-speed rail connection
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Marlize van Romburgh, 2/13/2019

Carl Guardino on Representing Silicon Valley in the Halls of Power
KQED: Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos, 2/7/2019

Scott Wiener’s battle to give the state some local land-use authority is on again
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 1/28/2019

‘The future is not pretty:’ Bay Area politicians, tech leaders hash out housing solutions
The Mercury News: Marisa Kendall, 1/25/19

State Supreme Court OKs Santa Clara County transportation sales tax
San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Cabanatuan, 1/23/19

Microsoft pledged $500 million for housing. Now what will Silicon Valley tech do?
The Mercury News: Marisa Kendall, 1/17/19

Business navigates California’s one-party state
POLITICO: Jeremy B. White, 1/16/2019

Why preserving the Bay Area’s natural infrastructure is good for business
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Matt Mahan, 1/14/2019

Google Effect: Search giant spurs downtown San Jose boom
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 1/13/2019

‘I want to see the Valley step up:’ Gov. Newsom pressures companies to help build housing
The Mercury News: Marisa Kendall and Katy Murphy, 1/10/2019


Santa Run: neither rain nor Grinch deters dashing throngs
The Mercury News: Sharon Noguchi, 12/13/2018

California considering proposal to tax text messages
ABC7: Amanda del Castillo, 12/12/2018

Thousands participate in Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot in San Jose
KRON 4: Rob Fladeboe, 11/23/2018

Google at Diridon: The Opportunity for Our Downtown
The Mercury News: Nathan Ho, 11/17/2018

Google and San Jose strike land deals for tech titan’s huge downtown transit village
The Mercury News: George Avalos, 11/16/2018

Tech and political leaders call for unity at annual Silicon Valley Leadership Group lunch
San Jose Mercury News: Tatiana Sanchez, 11/2/2018

$6.3 billion transportation tax in Santa Clara County is legal, court says
San Jose Mercury News: Gary Richards, 10/18/2018

SVLG head discusses traffic, housing, Google with Realtors 
The Mercury News: Rose Meily, 10/12/2018

Election 2018: Proposition 6 Would Repeal California’s Gas Tax
KQED Forum: Carl Guardino & Carl DeMaio, 10/2/2018

Governor Brown signs bill to ease development around BART stations
San Jose Mercury News: John Woolfolk, 9/30/2018

Plan could rescind work permits for spouses of H-1B visa workers
KTVU: Maureen Nsylor, 9/26/2018

Congressional response to housing issues? Not much, study says
San Jose Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 9/26/2018

Google transit village in downtown San Jose captures wide support: poll
San Jose Mercury News: George Avalos, 9/20/2018

State Senate passes AB-2923: More housing could be built at BART stations
ABC7 News: Chris Nguyen, 8/23/2018

California lawmakers consider proposal to bring thousands of homes to BART stations
San Jose Mercury News: Katy Murphy & Erin Baldassari, 8/22/2018

Colorado woos tech workers from Silicon Valley

CGTN America: Hendrick Sybrandy, 8/15/2018

H-1B use skyrocketed among Bay Area tech giants

San Jose Mercury News: Ethan Baron, 8/14/2018

Google San Jose village panel ponders jobs, economic, housing impacts

San Jose Mercury News: George Avalos, 8/13/2018

Opinion: California plays a leading, effective role in confronting climate change

The Sacramento Bee: Carl Guardino, 8/09/2018

What’s going on in Silicon Valley? Here’s what’s up for the middle of August

Editorial by Silicon Valley Business Journal, 8/09/2018

Five Capitol fights for August + saving local journalism + hitting energy goals

The Sacramento Bee: Bryan Anderson, 8/06/2018

Letter: Bay Area strongly supports the H-1B visa program

San Jose Mercury News: Peter Leroe-Muñoz, 8/03/2018

Cupertino: Community Briefs for the week of Aug. 3

San Jose Mercury News: Kellie Ann Benz, 8/02/18

Failing upward — homeless, then hope

San Jose Mercury News: Ethan Baron, 8/01/18

San Jose: Community Briefs for residential neighborhoods for the week of July 27

San Jose Mercury News: Kellie Ann Benz and Michelle Pitcher, 7/25/18

Opinion: Why western regional power grid will benefit California

San Jose Mercury News: Opinion Column by Tim McRae, 7/25/18

Proposition 6 Campaign to Repeal California Gas Tax Kicks Off in Bay Area

NBC Bay Area: Robert Handa, 7/23/18

Want your kids to learn new tech skills? Tell their schools to apply for this grant

Sacramento Bee: Bryan Anderson, 7/20/18

From ‘secure our borders’ to ‘resist Trump’: Californians speak out on illegal immigration

Editorial by Sacramento Bee, 7/16/18

Tax proposal leans heavily on big business

Mountain View Voice: Mark Noack, 7/15/18

60 California leaders discuss the future of our state

The Tribune, 7/13/18

What’s going on in Silicon Valley? Here’s what’s up for the week of July 13-20

Editorial by Silicon Valley Business Journal, 7/12/18

Mark Zuckerberg pledges $250,000 to ballot measure aimed at fixing California housing crisis

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Luke Stangel, 7/10/18

Silicon Valley poll finds women face daunting roadblocks in male-dominated tech industry

The News Herald: Katy Murphy, 7/05/18

Would you favor a business head tax?

Palo Alto Online: Diana Diamond, 7/05/18

Bay Area women face roadblocks in male-dominated tech

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Katy Murphy, 7/02/18

Silicon Valley hails Trump for eased limits on Chinese investment

Fox Business: Megan Henney, 6/28/18

Two San Jose Council Members Leave Republican Party Over Trump’s Immigration Policy

San Jose Inside: Winona Rajamohan, 6/26/18

California’s gas tax repeal is now officially headed to a ballot near you

San Jose Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 6/25/18

Deal to protect Californians’ online privacy could head off ballot measure

San Jose Mercury News: John Woolfolk, 6/22/18

Town Hall for Radioactive Waste Concerns in the East Bay

Broadcasted on NBC: Pete Suratos, 6/21/18

Silicon Valley leaders urged President Trump to end family separation policy

ABC7: Kristen Sze, 6/20/18

Presión e influencia de Silicon Valley para terminar con la separación de familias en la frontera

Broadcasted on Univision Television Group, 6/20/18

360 Silicon Valley companies urge Trump to ‘immediately’ stop separating children from parents

Editorial by FOX2, 6/20/18

Silicon Valley leaders urged President Trump to end family separation policy

ABC7: Kristen Sze, 6/20/18

How to solve California’s housing crisis: Influencers have ideas

The Sacramento Bee: Dan Schnur, 6/18/18

Bay Area strongly backs DACA, but still has reservations about undocumented immigrants, poll finds

San Jose Mercury News: Tatiana Sanchez, 6/18/18

H-1B: Bay Area residents view work visa more favorably than nation as a whole

San Jose Mercury News: Ethan Baron, 6/17/18

VTA Receives Federal Record of Decision for BART Silicon Valley Phase II Extension Project

Editorial by Mass Transit, 6/14/18

Here’s when tolls will go up on San Francisco Bay Area bridges

San Francisco Chronicle: Amy Graff, 6/07/18

Big apartment development eyed at Santana Row, 300 units planned

San Jose Mercury News: George Avalos, 6/07/18

Regional Measure 3: Work on transportation improvements could start next year

San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Cabanatuan, 6/06/2018

Bridge-toll hike cruises to victory

Palo Alto Online: Gennady Sheyner, 6/05/2018

Torched mobile health van that serves homeless in San Jose gets lifesaving cash transfusion

ABC7: David Louie, 6/01/2018

Bay Area voters OK higher bridge tolls to curb traffic

San Jose Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 6/05/18

The California Influencer Series

The Sacramento Bee, 6/04/18

Over $150K Raised To Replace Mobile Medical Unit Scorched In Fire

SF Gate: Bay City News Service, 6/01/18

Big Companies Step In To Help Bring Health Care To Homeless

Milpitas Patch: California News Wire Services, 6/01/18

Letter: Regional Measure 3 offers relief, independent oversight

Mercury News: Chris O’Connor, 6/01/18

Safe streets, great schools, jobs: We asked Assembly hopefuls to give you their best pitch

The Californian: Cristian Ponce, 6/01/2018

Drought or no drought: Jerry Brown sets permanent water conservation rules for Californians

Mercury News: Paul Roger, 5/31/18

Judge Persky recall: Both sides hold rallies in battle over judge in Stanford sex assault case

Mercury News: Tracey Kaplan, 5/30/18

Silicon Valley tsunami? Tax plans aimed at Apple, Google could start a new wave, city leaders say

Mercury News: George Avalos,  5/29/18

Dublin Council Thanked

The Independent: Dale Eldridge Kaye, Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group, 5/24/18

Judge Aaron Persky: Dolores Huerta, women’s right to choose invoked in recall battle

Mercury News: Tracey Kaplan, 5/23/18

“Google tax” plan moves ahead in Mountain View after city panel actions

Mercury News: George Avalos, 5/23/18

Five-term Santa Clara County sheriff’s lead narrows in latest poll as new jail report released

Mercury News: Robert Salonga, 5/22/18

Proposition 68: Will voters approve $4.1 billion for parks and water projects?

Mercury News: Paul Rogers, 5/21/18

Measure 3 seeks to ease traffic congestion by raising Bay Area bridge tolls

SF Chronicle: Michael Cabanatuan, 5/20/18

Traffic or $9 tolls? Bay Area voters to decide which is worse

Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 5/18/18

After death threats, new rape laws, voters to finally decide if Brock Turner judge keeps job

Mercury News: Tracey Kaplan, 5/18/18

Regional Measure 3 trades bridge toll hikes for transit improvements

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 5/18/18

Highway 101 gets millions for improvements from Gilroy to South Bay and onto Marin

Mercury News: Gary Richards, 5/18/18

Just one-quarter of voters backing Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith

Mercury News: Robert Salonga, 5/16/18

Bay Area cost of living spikes in 2018

Mercury News: George Avalos, 5/10/18

Toll-hike measure aims to ease congestion

San Mateo Daily Journal: Zachary Clark, 5/10/18

Santa Clara Valley Water District approves $650M to fund controversial ‘WaterFix’ project

KTVU TV: Azenith Smith, 5/9/18

Local leaders split over transportation measure

The Almanac: Gennady Shayner, 5/7/18

The $5 million Google tax that could fix every Silicon Valley problem

SF Chronicle: Wendy Lee, 5/5/18

Santa Clara Valley Water District approves $650M to fund controversial ‘WaterFix’ project

KTVU TV: Azenith Smith, 5/9/18

Twin tunnels get $650 million boost from Silicon Valley water district

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Paul Rogers, 5/8/18

Sharks sue VTA over BART extension to San Jose

ABC7: Chris Nguyuen, 5/4/18

California privacy measure’s backers submit signatures

Mercury News:  Levi Sumagaysay, 5/3/18

Peninsula leaders split over transportation measure

Palo Alto Online: Gennady Sheyner, 5/3/18

Nearly 400 miles of San Jose roads are in bad shape

Mercury News: Emily DeRuy, 5/2/18

Letter: Pacheco Reservoir plan a step in right direction

Mercury News: Mike Mielke, 4/26/18

Silicon Valley Community Foundation CEO put on leave amid scandal

SF Chronicle:  Wendy Lee and Trisha Thadani, 4/26/18

Letter: Housing crisis will require many ideas, collaboration

Mercury News: Carl Guardino, 4/24/18

The Energy Show – Regional Energy Policy Leadership with Tim McRae

SolarWake-Up: Barry Cinnamon

Opinion: SB 827 would maximize housing near transit in California

Mercury News: Carl Guardino, 4/17/18

Report: The Bay Area isn’t bleeding tech workers after all

TechBlog Bay Area: Adam Rowe, 4/14/18

Experts: Urgent cures required for Bay Area housing, traffic ailments

Mercury News: George Avalos, 4/13/18

Community groups issue demands to Google over downtown San Jose village

Mercury News: George Avalos, 4/12/18

How Paul Ryan’s retirement will affect California politics

San Francisco Chronicle: Joe Garofoli, 4/11/18

Tough love for Zuckerberg from Californians in Congress

Sacramento Bee: Emily Cadei, 4/9/2018

POLL: Developers, Tech Industry Fueling High Real Estate Prices

KPIX TV: Devin Fehely, 4/8/18

Who caused the Bay Area’s housing shortage?

Mercury News: Marisa Kendall, 4/8/18

Power players map strategy to get Bay Area bridge toll hike passed in June

San Francisco Chronicle: Matier & Ross, 4/8/18

Opinion: Water conservation bills offer map to California water security

Mercury News: Mike Mielke, 4/7/18

Facebook Scandal Renews Call for Stronger Privacy Protections

San Jose Inside: Kristin Lam, 4/4/18

Dianne Feinstein on negotiating with Trump: ‘It drives you up the wall’

Mercury News: and , 4/2/18

Be nice about it, but firmly oppose Trump’s policies, Guardino says

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 4/3/18

After breach, Feinstein warns Facebook to ‘fix it’ or feds will

San Francisco Chronicle: Joe Garofoli, 4/3/18

Fireside Chat

Sacramento Bee: Taryn Luna, 4/2/18

San Jose downtown tower would add homes, offices, retail

Silicon George Avalos, 3/27/18

San Jose downtown tower would add homes, offices, retail

Mercury News: George Avalos, 3/27/18

The obscure California housing law almost everyone wants to fix

Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 3/26/18

California would be on front lines of US-China trade war

San Francisco Chronicle: David R. Baker, 3/23/18

San Francisco is so expensive that more people are leaving than moving in — and it could mean disaster for the nation’s tech capital

SFGate: Melia Robinson, 3/23/18

San Francisco has a people problem

The Wall Street Journal: Nour Malas and Paul Overberg, 3/22/18

Guest opinion: Get behind RM3, the Bay Area depends on it

San Francisco Business Times: Carl Guardino, Jim Wunderman, Gabe Metcalf, 3/22/18

Land Use Showdown: Battle lines are drawn in SB 827 housing density and height debate

JDSpura: Staff, 3/20/18

State looking to require cities to plan for rising seas

San Francisco Public Press: Kevin Stark, 3/19/18

California will send residents election information through Nextdoor

Engadget: Mallory Locklear, 3/14/18

KPIX: 3/13/18
KPIX: 3/13/18
KPIX: 3/13/18
KPIX: 3/13/18
KGO: 3/13/18
KGO: 3/13/18

New Push to Inform Voters – KQED-FM 7:00 am

KQED: 3/13/18

KCBS: 3/13/18
KOVR: 3/13/18
KMAX: 3/13/18

State using social media site to boost voting

TechWire: Staff, 3/14/18

No tax breaks for building Trump’s wall, lawmaker says

Sacramento Bee: Billy Kobin, 3/13/18

Editorial: Prop. 68 water, parks bond deserves Californians’ support

Mercury News and East Bay Times: Editorial Boards, 3/10/18

Supes vote to place traffic relief measure on ballot

Los Altos Town Crier: 3/7/18

Facebook housing fund gets cash boost, now ready to start backing projects

Mercury News: Marisa Kendall, 3/6/18

Competitiveness report sees a Silicon Valley economy defying gravity

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 3/2/18

By popular demand, tonight’s San Jose ‘tiny homes’ meeting postponed to find bigger home

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 3/1/18

Tech leaders say Silicon Valley’s future depends on resolution of immigration, DACA issues

ABC30: David Louie, 2/28/18


Politico: Li Zhou, 2/28/18


Politico: Li Zhou, 2/27/18

San Jose Google Project Controversy: Lobbyist Claims No Stake

Campbell Patch: Newswire, 2/23/18

Pulte Homes eyes big south San Jose residential project

Mercury News: George Avalos, 2/27/18

Pizarro: Heart & Soles run sets sights on a new healthy goal

Mercury News: Sal Pizzarro, 2/26/18

Adobe plans 2019 construction start for downtown San Jose tower

Mercury News: George Avalos, 2/26/18

Latest Silicon Valley trend: People leaving

San Francisco Chronicle: Jenna Lyons, 2/23/18

Latest Silicon Valley competitiveness report sets off an alarm bell 

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 2/22/18

Thursday Midday News Roundup

Bay City News Service: 2/22/18

Silicon Valley tech hiring outpaces rivals, but woes worsen

Mercury News: George Avalos, 2/22/18

Cost of the California Dream far out of reach for most people under 40, new poll shows

San Francisco Business Times: Riley McDermid, 2/21/18

Trump plan doesn’t pay for much, but it starts infrastructure debate

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 2/20/18

RK Logistics Group to Fund Summer Recreation Scholarships For Low-Income Families in Fremont

The Daily Telescope: Sarah Thompson, 2/20/18

Poll finds strong public support for Google’s downtown San Jose development plans

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 2/20/18

Tuesday’s Briefing: Warriors Take Oakland to Arbitration Over Arena Debt; BART Says No to A’s Jack London Station Plan

East Bay Express: Robert Gammon, 2/20/18

San Jose Voters Put Out Welcome Mat for Google

NBC11: Scott Budman, 2/19/18

Voters back Google village in downtown San Jose by big margin: poll

Mercury News: George Avalos, 2/19/18

The California Dream is tough to afford if you’re under 40

Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 2/18/18

Editorial: To add housing, California must rethink transportation

SF Chronicle: Editorial Board, 2/16/18

Guest commentary: Why California policymakers need to reform higher education now

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Lande Ajose, 2/16/18

Google sought confidential agreements with San Jose City Council

Mercury News: Emily DeRuy, 2/14/18

South Bay, SF residents willing to pay more for expanded Caltrain service, poll finds

Times Herald News: Erin Baldassari, 2/12/18

‘Woefully inadequate:’ Bay Area leaders decry Trump’s ‘puny’ infrastructure plan

Mercury News: Erin Baldasssari, 2/12/18

Bay Area residents want more housing — but not if it worsens their commute

San Francisco Business Times: Riley McDermid, 2/12/18

Bay Area residents want more housing but don’t want worse commute

Times Herald News: Marisa Kendall, 2/12/18

South Bay, SF residents willing to pay more for expanded Caltrain service, poll finds

Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 2/12/18

Bay Area residents want more housing, but …There are a few things locals aren’t willing to sacrifice to get more housing

Mercury News: Marisa Kendall, 2/11/18

No one likes Bay Area traffic, but getting us out of our cars is a challenge

Times New Herald: Erin Baldassari, 2/09/18

Liccardo calls out housing as San Jose’s ‘most dire need’ as critics fault engagement around Google development

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 2/09/18

No one likes Bay Area traffic, but getting us out of our cars is a challenge

Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 2/09/18

Letter: Can the private sector lend a hand in housing crisis?
Mercury News: Letter from Reader, 2/07/18

VTA facing chronic deficits, declining ridership and service cuts 
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 2/05/18

Senate leader to Silicon Valley: Don’t squander ‘major’ housing breakthrough
Mercury News: Marisa Kendall, 2/02/18

Apple just made $88 billion. It’s paying $6 million for housing
San Francisco Chronicle: Wendy Lee, 2/01/18

Bay Area home prices continue double-digit gains on historic streak
Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 1/31/18

Can this candidate for governor fix Silicon Valley’s housing ‘disaster’?
Mercury News: Marisa Kendall, 1/31/18

Google advisory group moves forward in San Jose despite intense pushback
Mercury News: Emily DeRuy, 1/30/18

New and cheaper flights fueled by resurgence at Bay Area airports
Mercury News: John Woolfolk, 1/28/18

International Airport Announces Record Spike In Ridership For Last Year, New Changes For 2018
SF Gate: City News Service, 1/27/18

How rent control, Proposition 13, new laws affect Silicon Valley’s housing woes (Video)
Silicon Valley Business Journal: J. Moss, 1/26/18

Silicon Valley stands at the top of the tech heap — can it stay there?
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 1/25/18

New tax law has business world mixed

Federal reform offers benefits and concerns for Silicon Valley corporations

San Mateo Daily Journal: Samantha Weigel, 1/3/18

Plan finally moving to overhaul H-1B visa program

Mercury News: Tatiana Sanchez, 2/2/18

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Silicon Valley’s top 2017 stories in housing, transportation

Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 12/29/17

City prepares trio of new taxes

Mtn. View Voice: Mark Noack, 12/22/17

Business groups, thinktank hire governor’s campaign guru to solve Bay Area traffic woes

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Riley McDermid, 12/21/17

‘Loaded with ornaments.’ These Californians view GOP tax plan as a Christmas gift

Sacramento Bee: Dale Kasler, 12/20/17

60% of San Francisco voters say they want new taxes to pay for transit fixes, local transit authority says

San Francisco Business Times: Antoinette Siu, 12/20/17

New bridge across SF Bay? Transit planners ‘happy’ to take a look

San Francisco Chronicle: Matier and Ross, 12/19/17

$5 Billion Plan to Ease Bay Area Traffic Headed to Ballot

NBC11: Marianne Favro, 12/18/17

Bay Area commuters may have to pay up to ease traffic congestion

ABC7: David Louie, 12/18/17

You Say You Want a New Bridge or 2nd BART Tube? Here’s How You Might Pay for It

KQED: Dan Brekke, 12/18/17

Tax bill whacks liberal big cities

Politico: Aaron Lorenzo, 12/18/17

A multi-billion-dollar ‘mega measure’ to fix Bay Area traffic for good heading your way

Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 12/17/17

Google hosts 6th annual “Santa Run Silicon Valley”

KRON4: Alicia Reid, 12/17/17

Photos: The sixth annual Santa Run Silicon Valley

Mercury News: Josie Lepe, 12/17/17

Transportation, housing top Silicon Valley Leadership Group priorities

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Josh Moss, 12/15/17

California business leaders call on Congress to pass Dreamer legislation

Mercury News: Tatiana Sanchez, 11/21/17

San Jose man revived by strangers at Turkey Trot set for triumphant race return

Mercury News: Robert Salonga, 11/20/17

Thanksgiving Turkey Trots 2017 Chronicle Staff, 11/20/17

Opinion: Already California’s gas tax increase is bringing huge improvements to Bay Area roads

Mercury News: Carl Guardino, 11/20/17


Mercury News: Sal Pizarro, 11/18/17

Silicon Valley confronts an ‘epidemic’ — what to do about housing?

SV Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 11/16/17

You can run, walk or roll at Thanksgiving’s Turkey Trot

Mercury News: Judy Peterson, 11/9/17

Why support for California gas tax repeal may not be what it’s cracked up to be

SV Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 11/13/17

You can run, walk or roll at Thanksgiving’s Turkey Trot

East Bay Times: Judy Peterson, 11/9/17

RK Logistics, Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation Team Up to Support “Stem With Mayor Sam”

Cision PR Web: Gary Frantz, RK Logistics Group, 11/8/17

Google’s San Jose village plan seeks success where Coyote Valley project fizzled, George Avalos, 11/7/17

SILICON VALLEY, mayors challenging Trump on immigration restrictions 

Politico: Carla Marinucci and David Siders, 11/2/17

Affordable housing takes center stage as Silicon Valley civic, business leaders gather to chart future

ABC7 News: David Louie, 11/1/17

12 cent California gas tax now in effect

ABC7 News: News Staff, 10/31/17

California Bill To Require EPDs for Building Materials in State Projects

CodeWatcher: Dan Kuipers, 10/30/17

Opinion: Self-driving cars coming to San Jose — and the streets will be safer

Mercury News: Paul Escobar, 10/25/17

Pizarro: Pow! Wow! festival celebrates murals and music in San Jose

Plus, Google takes over as title sponsor of this year’s Santa Run

Mercury News: Sal Pizzarro, 10/21/17

13th Annual Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot

Mercury News: Mercury news Community, 10/13/17

Opinion: Santa Clara Valley Water District should join in the WaterFix tunnel project

Mercury News: Tarkan Maner, Matt Mahan, Mike Mielke  10/12/17

Bridge toll boost seen as salve for Bay Area transportation woes

San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Cabanatuan, 10/11/17

Gov. Brown approval of Caltrain, Bay Area bridges tax bills draws business praise 

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Josh Moss, 10/10/17

How watching his family’s home burn inspired Sen. Jim Beall to fight for affordable housing

Mercury News: Casey Tolan, 10/8/17

GOP Assemblyman Steinorth Joins Democrats to Pass Bill to Raise Cost of Construction in California

California Political Review: Stephen Frank, 10/4/17

California Bill Would Bring Climate Change Battle to State Construction Projects

Capital and Main: Dean Kuipers, 9/29/17


Los Altos Town Crier: Community Briefs, 9/24/17
San Jose mayor proposes 25,000 residential units amid housing crisis

Mercury News: George Avalos, 10/2/17


POLITICO – Morning Tech: Li Zhou, 9/27/17

California’s current home-building pace won’t tame skyrocketing prices soon, forecast says

Mercury News: George Avalos, 9/27/17


Politico – California Playbook: Carla Marinucci, 9/26/17

Opinion: Caltrain counties deserve a chance to vote on a tax and stable funding plan

Mercury News:  Chris O’Connor and Jennifer Stojkovic, 9/27/17

Debating the timetable for supply-chain futureshock


Brain: Robert J. Bowman, 9/25/17

Roadshow: Lawsuit means delays on Measure B projects

Mercury News: Gary Richards, 9/24/17

Has Silicon Valley Reached Its Peak?

KPIX, Ch.5: Mark Sayer, 9/22/17

PD Editorial: A little relief from California’s housing crisis

The Press Democrat: Editorial Board, 9/20/17

Housing woes spur Bay Area residents to ponder exodus from costly region, poll says

Mercury News: George Avalos, 9/19/17

Silicon Valley: ‘Proud parent’ on Google transit village’s potential

Mercury News: George Avalos, 9/18/17

Laws providing county ways to seek transit tax

The Daily Journal: Samantha Weigel, 9/18/17

Plan to spend $1.5B in climate money includes union boost

KCRA: Associated Press, 9/15/17

Governor hopefuls gather in MV

Mountain View Voice: Mark Noack, 9/14/17

What your additional $3 bridge toll would pay for if Senate Bill 595 passes 

Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 9/13/17

Slideshow: $3 toll hike heads to governor’s desk; Here’s how your $8 toll will be spent

Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 9/13/17

Opinion: Business leaders want 100 percent clean energy bill

Mercury News: Danny Kennedy and Tim McRae, 9/13/17

DACA’s impact on Silicon Valley

NBC11: Scott Budman, 9/5/17

South Bay Officials Condemn Trump’s Decision to End DACA

SanJoseInside: Silicon Valley Newsroom, 9/5/17

Affordable housing: Can Sacramento get it under control?

Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 9/5/17

Vigil planned in wake of DACA repeal

Mountain View Voice: Kevin Forestieri, 9/5/17

Opinion: San Jose’s sustainability plan is good government use of tech

Mercury News: 9/4/17

Pizarro: Silicon Valley looks back on 40 years

Mercury News: Sal Pizarro, 9/2/17

Lawsuit puts VTA sales tax increase in limbo

Daily Post: Allison Levitsky,  8/31/17

Opinion: Inclusionary housing law will create more affordable apartments

Mercury News: Ron Gonzales and David Kramer, 8/31/17
East Bay Times: Sen. Steve Glazer, 8/19/17
The Record: George Avalos, 8/18/17
Santa Cruz Sentinel: Paul Rogers, 8/18/17
Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 8/17/17
Mercury News: Mercury News Editorial Board, 8/17/17
Mercury News: George Avalos, 8/9/17
Los Altos Online: Los Altos Town Crier Staff, 8/8/17
Bay Area News Group: George Avalos, 8/8/17
Milpitas Post: Editorial Board, 8/4/17
Mercury News: Victoria Kezra, 8/4/17
SF Chronicle: Hamed Aleaziz and Trisha Thadani, 8/2/17
Broadcast on Radio Stations KLIV and KRTY
CBS San Francisco: Susies Steimle and Kiet Do, 7/31/17
State, local leaders celebrate groundbreaking of long-awaited Caltrain electrification project
Kron4: Philippe Djegal, 7/21/17

Caltrain starts construction on long-awaited electrification project

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 7/21/17

Italy strengthens ties to Silicon Valley with honorary consul

The Mercury News: Sal Pizarro, 7/25/17

Cap-and-Trade Measure Good for Job Creation Says Clean Transportation Tech Industry Organization

Business Insider: MarketWire, 7/25/17

Will San Jose to Fresno bullet train become the Silicon Valley Express?

The Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 7/24/17

Caltrain electrification project kicks off with groundbreaking ceremony

The Mercury News: Casey Tolan, 7/22/17

Opinion: Has the Silicon Valley Leadership Group lived up to David Packard’s expectations?

The Mercury News: Cindy Chavez and Jim Cunneen, 7/21/17

Caltrain Electrification Groundbreaking

StreetsBlog SF: Roger Rudick, 7/21/17

How Carl Guardino and his conscience guide Silicon Valley business

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 7/20/17

Opinion: The WaterFix twin tunnel plan for the Delta is needed to secure our water supply

The Mercury News: Dan Gordon, 7/19/17

Big victory for Jerry Brown as Legislature backs climate-change program

The Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 7/17/17

Cap and Trade advocate: Business supports anti-pollution, pro-clean tech bill

The Mercury News: Mike Mielke, 7/17/17

Opinion: To end housing crisis, California needs to make it easier to build

The Mercury News: Leslye Corsiglia and Carl Guardino, 7/16/17

A vote on California’s landmark climate legislation is coming down to the wire

Vox: Ruairí Arrieta-Kenna, 7/15/17

Proposed Ballot Measure Would Raise Bridge Tolls Up to $3

CBS San Francisco Bay Area: 7/14/17

Roadshow: Cheers! New interchange coming at 101-San Antonio

Mercury News: Gary Richards, 7/13/17

Trump Administration Delays Startup Visa Rule, With a View to Scrap It Entirely

India West: 7/12/17

California Business Leaders Respond to Bills Advancing State’s Cap-and-Trade Program

Highland News: 7/11/17

Brown’s cap-and-trade bill exposes fault lines of state politics

SF Chronicle: David R. Baker, 7/11/17

Are Facebook and Google pushing for a $3 bridge toll increase?

ABC10: Barbara Harvey, 7/11/17

Debate rages over California cap-and-trade deal, concessions to Big Oil

San Jose Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 7/11/17

Jerry Brown, lawmakers announce California climate deal

San Jose Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 7/11/17

Traffic prompts possible bridge toll hikes, local sales tax

The Daily Journal: Samantha Weigel, 7/10/17

Trump administration suspends rule for “startup visas”

San Jose Mercury News: Louis Hansen, 7/10/17

Cities fight bill to streamline cell antenna installations

San Jose Mercury News: Ramona Giwargis, 7/5/17

Poll: Voters support $3 bridge toll hike to ease traffic gridlock

Mercury News: Erin Baldassari, 7/3/17

Bay Area voters may be asked to OK bridge toll hike of up to $3

San Francisco Chronicle: Phil Matier and Andy Ross, 7/2/17

Trump’s favorabilty dismal in Silicon Valley — de Blasio picks up a major victory

Politico: 6/30/17

Internal Affairs: Gavin Newsom leads governor’s race in Santa Clara County, poll finds

Mercury News: Casey Tolan, 6/30/17

Volunteer K-12 tutoring popular with voters, Silicon Valley poll finds

Mercury News: Gillian Brassil, 6/30/17

Officials celebrate opening of Mayfield Place

Palo Alto Online: Elinor Aspegren, 6/30/17

Here’s who Santa Clara County voters lean to for state’s next governor

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 6/30/17

Silicon Valley Realtors urged to find solutions to housing issues … and fast

Mercury News: Rose Meily, 6/29/17

Why volunteer tutors are hard to find and why Silicon Valley needs more of them

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 6/29/17

Google buses, other corporate shuttles are popular, poll suggests George Avalos, 6/28/17

Bay Area poll: Idea to help fix housing crisis gets support George Avalos, 6/27/17

Poll: Caltrain sales tax hike draws huge voter support

Mercury News: George Avalos, 6/26/17

Three Bay Area Counties May Decide Whether to Support Caltrain with Sales Tax Measure

Planetizen: Irwin Dawid, 6/26/17

Tech industry on travel ban: The fight goes on

CNN: Seth Fiegerman, 6/26/17

New sales tax for Caltrain? A 1/8-cent levy is in the works

East Bay Times: Katy Murphy, 6/22/17

CA: Legislators Propose Sales Tax to Help Fund Caltrain

Mass Transit: Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, 6/22/17

California, New York state legislation looks to bolster transit funding

Railway Track and Structures: Mischa Wanek-Libman, 6/22/17

Bill to allow Caltrain sales tax: Legislation seeks to cover capital and operating costs through ballot measure

The Daily Journal: Sara Gaiser, 6/22/17

What Does The Google Mega-Campus Mean For San Jose?

Bisnow: Julie Littman, 6/21/17

Proposed Tax Would Help Caltrain Fund Improvements And Operations, Peninsula Lawmakers Say

San Mateo Patch:  

Sales tax bill would end Caltrain’s dependence on county contributions

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 6/21/17

Legislators propose sales tax to help fund Caltrain

San Francisco Examiner: Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, 6/21/17

San Jose’s tightrope over Google’s downtown village plan

San Jose Mercury News: George Avalos, 6/21/17

Legislation introduced to allow Caltrain sales tax

Mountain View Voice: Bay City News service, 6/21/17

Google was loved in San Jose even before its downtown development announcement, poll says

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 6/20/17

CA: Google’s San Jose Renewal Plan: ‘Grand Central of the West’

Mass Transit: Source McClatchy/George Avalos, 6/19/17

America’s tech titans think Trump doesn’t get their needs

Belleville News-Democrat: Anshu Siripurapu, 6/19/17

Google’s San Jose renewal plan: ‘Grand Central of the West’


Times: 6/18/17

On transportation, immigration and housing, Silicon Valley leaders look left for solutions

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 6/15/17

Yahoo-Verizon deal closes. It’s the fall of a giant, end of an era

LA Times: Ethan Baron, 6/13/17

Yahoo: Fall of a giant, end of an era

Mercury News: Ethan Baron, 6/12/17

Apple, Amazon, Google, and hundreds of businesses vowed to meet Paris climate goals on their own ‘in the absence of leadership from Washington’

Business Insider: Biz Carson, 6/5/17

California business, political leaders blast Trump for pulling out of climate agreement

Vallejo Times-Herald News: Paul Rogers, 6/02/17

California business, political leaders blast Trump for pulling out of climate agreement 

Mercury News: Paul Rogers, 6/1/17

Commentary: Warning signs Silicon Valley cannot ignore Brian Brennan, Erica Wood, 5/30/17

California Today – The warnings signs are piling up: Silicon Valley’s success is not a given

The New York Times: Brian Brennan, Erica Wood, 5/28/17

Warning signs that Silicon Valley cannot ignore

Mercury News: Brian Brennan, Erica Wood, 5/28/17

Caltrain Electrification May Also Benefit Commuters On 101, 280

KCBS Radio/KPIXTV: 5/23/17

Jim Hartnett Releases Statement in Regards to Caltrain Funding

MassTransit Magazine: Jim Harnett, 5/23/17

Feds finally OK Caltrain’s electrification funding after intense political fight

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 5/22/17

Federal funding for Caltrain electrification project approved

KTVU FOX News, Azenith Smith, 5/22/17

Feds Approve $647 Million Grant for Caltrain Electrification Project

KQED: Dan Brekke, 5/22/17

Feds approve $647 million grant for Caltrain electrification project

Mercury News: Casey Tolan and Katy Murphy, Bay Area Newsgroup, 5/22/17

Editorial: Caltrain gets big win with electrification funding

Mercury News: Mercury News Editorial Board, 5/22/17

Caltrain electrification project back on track with federal funding

SFGate: Michael Cabanatuan, 5/23/17

Electrifying Caltrain news: Feds announce funding; delayed $647 million grant will finally receive approval, allowing modernization to proceed

Daily Journal: Samantha Weigel, 5/23/17

A Change of Heart by Secretary Chao on California’s Oldest Commuter Rail Line

Planetizen: Irvin Dawid, 5/23/17

ACCUSATIONS fly after Democratic PARTY CHAIR fight — Dems target NUNES, HUNTER — HEALTH CARE sticker shock in Sacramento

Politico: Carla Marinucci & David Siders, 5/23/17

CA: Caltrain Electrification Project Back on Track with Federal Funding

Mass Transit: Michael Cabanatuan, 5/23/17   

Feds Sign Off On $647 Million Grant to Electrify Caltrain

San Jose Inside: Silicon Valley Newsroom, 5/23/17

The business bulwark behind California’s climate progress

GreenBiz: Barbara Grady, 5/22/17

FedEx hit as NSA-linked ransomware spreads around the world

Mercury News: Ethan Baron, 5/12/17

Here’s what Silicon Valley CEOs want from Sacramento

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 5/10/17

Guest commentary: Why everyone has to chip in for California’s roads

Silicon Valley Business  Journal: Sen. Bob Wieckowski & CEO Carl Guardino, 5/4/17

Good news for Caltrain? Federal budget includes $100 million for electrification

Mercury News: Katy Murphy, 5/3/17

Taking on teacher tenure in California is no small undertaking

Sacramento Bee: Editorial Board, 5/01/17

Big Political Summit Hit Gilroy

Gilroy Dispatch, Jack Foley, 4/27/17

San Jose expert says there’s good, bad in Trump’s tax plan

ABC7: Katie Marzullo, 4/26/17

California’s Fast-Track Gas Tax

US News and World Report: Dawn Chmielewski, 4/24/17

Sen. Dianne Feinstein urges Silicon Valley to fight Republicans on Caltrain funding

Mercury News: Tracy Seipel, 4/21/17

Jeff Denham shows up, sort of. Trump is opaque. Devin Nunes ducks

Sacramento Bee: Dan Morain, 4/19/17

Feds face big obstacle in cyber efforts: Geography

The Hill: Joe Uchill, 4/19/17

Congress: Fix H-1Bs before Trump meddles for real

Sacramento Bee: Editorial Board, 4/18/17

All signs point to Feinstein re-election run in 2018

San Francisco Chronicle: Matier & Ross, 4/16/17

How a tax plan unites progressives, the Koch brothers and Walmart

San Francisco Chronicle: Joe Garofoli, 4/15/17

April 10 Letters: Stick to facts on Caltrain electrification

Mercury News: Chris O’Connor, 4/10/17

California transportation programs win in Legislature and courtroom

San Jose Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 4/7/17

Don’t delay road bill; repair costs are only rising

San Francisco Chronicle: Ryan Popple and Chris O’Connor, 4/5/17

GOMEZ leads CA-34 special, AHN poised for second — New IGS poll: High approval for Legislature, BROWN — Two DEMS jump in to challenge WALTERS

Politico: Carla Marinucci and David Siders’, 4/5/17

Opinion: Why California should pass transportation bill

Mercury News: Greg Becker and Celeste Ford, 4/4/17

Gov. Brown’s big transportation package faces staunch opposition

San Francisco Chronicle: Melody Gutierrez, 4/4/17

New guideline for H-1B visas may make things harder for Silicon Valley

ABC7 News: Janine De La Vega, 4/3/17

Saratoga Library hosts only ‘money’ stop in Bay Area

Mercury News: Brandy Miceli, 3/31/17

Governor, Democratic legislators come together on huge California transportation bill

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 3/29/17

New Campaign Urges Renewed Effort to Expand CAISO

RTO Insider: Robert Mullin, 3/29/17

Transportation leaders: We’ll fight to save Bay Area transit projects from Trump cuts

East Bay Times: Erin Baldassari, 03/18/17

Pizarro: Great America’s new roller coaster Patriot — and what it replaced

Mercury News: Sal


, 3/21/17

Santa Clara Around Town

The Santa Clara Weekly: Carolyn Schuk

Caltrain electrification funds at risk in budget: Trump’s proposal shows pullback on federal transit funding

The Daily Journal: Samantha Weigel, 3/20/17

Opinion: Trump budget cataclysmic for BART and other transportation projects

The Mercury News: Jeannie Burns, 3/21/17

When it comes to roads and dams, Jerry Brown isn’t always a Trump resister

Sacramento Bee: Christopher Cadelago, 3/22/17


Politico: Carla Marinucci and David Siders, 03/16/17


Politico – Morning Tech Report: Li Zhou, 03/16/17

Caltrain funding still iffy following Washington lobbying trip by Silicon Valley officials

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 03/16/17

Silicon Valley leaders leave D.C. trip with some optimism

San Jose Mercury News: Queenie Wong, 03/15/17


Politico – Morning Tech Report: Li Zhou, 03/14/17

TECH LEADERS HIT D.C.: Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Politico: Carla Marinucci and David Siders, 03/14/17

Silicon Valley leaders head to D.C. to push tech agenda

SFGate: Trisha Thadani, 03/13/17

Proterra CEO Joins Board of Silicon Valley Leadership Group

NGT News: Lauren Tyler, 03/14/17

Scores of Silicon Valley leaders descend on D.C. to press the flesh with U.S. lawmakers

The Mercury News: Queenie Wong, 03/13/17

Alaska Airlines adds 3 new direct flights from San Jose — but here’s where Silicon Valley leaders really want to go

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Rosellen Downey, 3/9/17

Don’t leave H-1B visas in limbo

San Francisco Chronicle: Editorial, 03/8/17

Expedition Of H-1B Visa Processing Suspended

ScienceWorldReport: 3/08/17

Slowdown in H-1Bs could mean trouble for Silicon Valley

Mercury News: Patrick May, 3/7/17

Silicon Valley mixed on Trump’s next moves

USA Today: Jon Swartz, 03/06/17

Gas tax proposed to help pay for much-needed San Jose road repairs

ABC7 News: David Louie, 3/6/17

In Silicon Valley, Caltrain Upgrade Is Imperiled as Trump Withholds Funds

San Francisco Chronicle: Thomas Fuller, 03/06/17

In Silicon Valley, Caltrain Upgrade Is Imperiled as Trump Withholds Funds

New York Times: Thomas Fuller, 3/o6/17

Silicon Valley Leaders Gather to Discuss Regions Economic Engine

ABC7: Kristen Sze, 03/03/17

Silicon Valley fights to maintain its tech dominance

FOX2: 03/03/17

San Jose regional economy strong, but challenges imperil job growth

The Mercury News: George Avalos, 03/02/17

What worries tech, philanthropic leaders about Silicon Valley’s future

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Jody Meacham, 03/02/17

From the editor: Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble in Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley Business Journal: J. Jennings Moss, 03/02/17

San Mateo Rallies to Rescue Caltrain Electrification

StreetsBlog: Eli Wirtschafter, 03/01/17

Silicon Valley tech leaders: Caltrain cut would cost region 10,000 jobs

Silicon Valley Business Journal: SVBJ Staff, 02/10/17

Electrification Of Caltrain Could Come To A Screeching Halt

KPIX News: Melissa Caen, 02/10/17

Tech leaders: Economy will take hit if GOP cuts Bay Area rail line

Politico: Carla Marinucci and David Siders, 02/09/17

Carl Guardino: Silicon Valley and region want Caltrain to achieve ‘market share’

San Jose Mercury News: Carl Guardino, 01/17/17

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Tech reaches out to Donald Trump 

Silicon Valley Beat: Levi Sumagaysay, 11/30/16

Facing Immigration Crackdown, Silicon Valley Rethinks Its Dreams

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Ellen Huet, Gerrit De Vynck, 11/17/16

Measure B will help relieve traffic

Silicon Valley Community Newspaper: Editorial, 10/21/16

Yes on measures A and B: Editorial

Los Altos Town Crier: Crier Staff, 10/26/16

Measure B will tackle traffic jams head-on

Palo Alto Daily: Editorial, 10/21/16

Endorsement: How Measure B would help Silicon Valley’s transportation mess

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Malcolm Bordelon Endorsement, 10/13/16

Endorsement: ‘Yes’ on Measure B

San Jose Inside: Silicon Valley Newsroom, 10/12/16

Editorial: Yes on Santa Clara County measures A, B

Mountain View Voice: Embarcadero Media Editorial Board, 10/201/16

Opinion: Vote Yes on Measure B

Morgan Hill The Times: Carl Guardino, John Horner, 10/20/16

Pizarro: ‘Traffic Jam’ a lighthearted way to spread Measure B message

Mercury News: Sal Pizarro, 10/19/16

Endorsement: How Measure B would help Silicon Valley’s transportation mess

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Malcolm Bordelon, 10/13/16

Half Cent Tax Could Fix Roads and Rails

Gilroy Dispatch: Roseann Hernandez-Cattani, 9/29/16

Editorial: Finish BART, repair streets with Measure B

Mercury News: Mercury News Editorial Board, 9/17/16

Milpitas Post Editorial: The half-cent sales tax increase to take a giant bite out of our traffic congestion may tough sell but worth it

Mercury News: Mercury News, 8/5/16

Tom Fallon, Ron Sege and Peter Leroe-Muñoz: TPP is critical to Silicon Valley prosperity

Mercury News: Tom Fallon, Peter Leroe-Munoz, Rob Sege, 3/16/16

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Mentions From Other Regions

The San Francisco Bay Area exodus

CGTN America: Mark Niu, 6/27/18

Assembly Bill 1668 Letter – 50 Gallon INSIDE Water Use Questions

San Bruno Patch: Robert Riechel, 6/15/18

Visa restriction on Chinese students creates a no-win situation

CGTN America: Mark Niu, 6/11/18

Silicon Valley tsunami? Tax plans aimed at Apple, Google could start a new wave, city leaders say
The Star: George Avalos, 5/31/18

Is California’s High Cost Of Housing Scaring Off Job Seekers?

KPCC: David Wagner, 5/24/18

Majority of California voters want to repeal gas tax increase, poll finds

LA Times: Patrick McGreevy, 5/24/18

Developers and tech industry blamed for Bay Area housing woes

National Mortgage Professionals Magazine: Phil Hall, 4/9/18

2 of the top Senate committees are planning a blockbuster hearing with Mark Zuckerberg

Business Insider:  Joe Perticone, 4/5/18

‘Knock it off’ over DACA reversal, Feinstein tells Trump

The Tribune:  Taryn Luna, 4/2/18

Dianne Feinstein bemoans instability Trump has created across US

Daily Democrat: Tatiana Sanchez, 4/3/18

Dianne Feinstein on negotiating with Trump: ‘It drives you up the wall’

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Casey Tolan and Tatiana Sanchez, 4/3/18

Facebook Housing Venture Nears Reality

Northwest Arkansas

Democrat Gazette

: Marisa Kendall, 3/11/18

Facebook housing fund gets cash boost, now ready to start backing project
The Star Online: Marisa Kendall, 3/8/18

CNBC Transcript: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Sits Down with CNBC’s Jon Fortt Today

CNBC’s “Squawk Alley“: Jon Fortt, 3/7/18

No easy fix seen for Bay Area traffic, housing woes

Santa Cruz Sentinel: George Avalo, 2/24/18

Some words from your Mayor Jim Reed

Tracy Press Banner: Jim Reed, 2/8/18

CA: New and Cheaper Flights Fueled by Resurgence at Bay Area Airports

Aviation Pros: John Woolfolk, 1/29/18

12.5 million passengers: Record growth for Silicon Valley’s Airport in 2017

ETurboNews: Assignment Editor, 1/27/18

Bill would overhaul visa program, putting outsourcing firms at disadvantage

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Tatiana Sanchez, 1/1/18

A multi-billion-dollar ‘mega measure’ to fix Bay Area traffic for good

Record-Bee: Erin Baldassari, 12/29/17

Married? Middle class? Californian? Get ready to be a loser under Trump’s tax plan

Fredrick Newspost: Sacramento Bee, 12/22/17

Tech industry cheers GOP tax overhaul

Geekwire: Monica Nicklesburg, 12/20/17

Dear Turkey Trotters: Uncle Sam Wants You—One Million of You!

Runner’s World: Paul Snyder, 11/17/17

RIDING FOR FOCUS: How Specialized is getting kids out of the classroom and onto bikes

The Specialized Foundation: Ian Treloar, 11/3/17

Cisco : Google’s San Jose village plan seeks success where Coyote Valley project fizzled

4Traders: San Jose Mercury News, 11/11/17


Oakdale 10/25/17

GOP leaders say immigration bill coming in 2018

From Press: The Hill, 11/8/17

Leading Transportation Strategist to Keynote Fleet Forward Conference

HDT Trucking Info: Amy Winter-Hircher, 10/4/17

After a Series of Foster Care Hackathons, Here’s What Happened Next

The Chronicle for Social Change:  9/15/17

Plan to spend $1.5B in climate money includes union boost

The News and Observer: Jonathan Cooper, 9/16/17

California Assembly narrowly OKs affordable housing bills

Daily Democrat: Casey Tolan, Katy Murphy, 9/15/17

Poll: Gavin Newsom still leads field in California governor’s race

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Tracy Siepel, Ramona Giwargis, 9/15/17

Caltrain sales tax measure closer to reality

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Katy Murphy, 9/ 2/17

Assembly needs to support housing bill

Venture County Star: Margarita H. de Escontrias and Rob Wiener, 9/2/17

Will Bullet Train Become Express for Silicon Valley

Texarkana Gazette: Mercury News, 8/23/17

San Bruno Patch: Robert Riechel, 7/21/17

HeraldNet: Anshu Siripurapu, 6/19/17

Haley: ‘President Trump believes the climate is changing’

Newburg Gazette: Dwayne Harmon, 6/16/17

Yahoo-Verizon deal closes. It’s the fall of a giant, end of an era

LA Times: Ethan Baron, 6/13/16

Telecoms giant Verizon closes its $4.48bn deal with Yahoo

Verdict: Elizabeth Perlman, 6/13/17

Facebook, Amazon, Google and Hundreds of American Businesses Tell President Trump ‘We Are Still In’ Paris Climate Accord

Inc, Southeast Asia:  Biz Carson, 6/6/17

Feds approve $647 million grant for Caltrain electrification project

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Casey Tolan and Katy Murphy, Bay Area Newsgroup, 5/22/17

Feinstein urges Silicon Valley to fight GOP on Caltrain funding

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Tracy Seipel, Bay Area Newsgroup, 4/21/17

Confidence in Bay Area’s economy slipping

The Lake County Record-Bee: George Avalos, 4/4/17

The Case for California to Engage in Grid Markets Across the West

Greentech Media: Jeff St. John, 3/30/17

California Editorial Roundup

Miami Herald: Associated Press, 3/28/17

Trump wants to kill Obama’s climate plan. What does that mean for renewable energy in the West?

The Desert Sun: Sammy Roth, 3/28/17

Why Portland, Maine, Is the Next Tech Hot Spot

BostInno: Nicola Morris, 03/06/17

Seattle’s population is growing at nearly double the rate of Silicon Valley but it still lags behind as an innovation hub
GeekWire: Monica Nickelsburg, 03/03/17

Denver, Dallas, even L.A. 10 cities welcoming workers fleeing Silicon Valley prices

Geektime: Gedalyah Reback, 03/03/17

Silicon Valley mourns loss of TPP as Trump withdraws from pact

Mercury News: Marissa Kendall, 01/3/17

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