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Presidential Priorities for Silicon Valley

Here’s food for thought . . . Silicon Valley CEO’s have helped both presidential candidates, but will both candidates help Silicon Valley?

When it comes to Silicon Valley and America’s innovation economy, let’s not forget the issues we need the next commander in chief to champion from the oval office:

* First, a skilled workforce. Americans deserve a great education system for our kids and a smart immigration system to attract the smartest kids from around the globe. It’s not one or the other; it’s both.

* Second, globally competitive tax policies. Unlike competitor nations, our corporate tax rates actually discourage our global companies from bringing earnings home. Fix it.

* Third, we need a national cyber-security policy that protects our citizens and engages our companies.

* Fourth, America needs a comprehensive energy policy, which includes traditional sources while encouraging renewable sources.

* Fifth, we must invest in roads, water, transit and other forms of infrastructure that re-build our cities, alleviate congestion and keep our valley moving.

* Sixth, health care reform must bend the cost curve for employees and employers, and congress needs to drop the tax penalty they placed on medical device companies whose innovation and research save lives.

Both presidential candidates come often to Silicon Valley, but all too often treat us like an ATM machine to simply take our money. They need to also take our ideas if we are to grow America’s innovation economy.

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  1. Carl, you are correct that candidates treat SV like an ATM– because they know they can. As long as otherwise intelligent technology executives allow themselves to be sweet talked by pols–mostly from the left side of the aisle–then you will continue to get treated as an ATM.

    It is time for techies to get back to their libertarian roots and stop affiliating with either of the two major parties.

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