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Passenger Safety Before Profits

Here’s Food for Thought . . . Passenger safety before profits.

On January 11, I boarded the inaugural flight on ANA’s 787 Dreamliner between San Jose and Tokyo. The plane lived up to its name – a dream . . . In fuel efficiency, leg room, customer service and spaciousness.

Days later, ANA made the wise, proactive decision to postpone future 787 Dreamliner flights until Boeing works out some electrical issues related to the battery system on the plane. Nearly 24 hours later, the FAA followed with the same decision.

While inconvenient to passengers like me trying to fly back from Tokyo, I admire ANA’s CEO Shinichiro Ito’s decision. Passenger safety before profits. Better a cancelled plane than the risk of a crashed plane.

In Silicon Valley, we have a phrase. . . Version 2.0 . . . It means that the first release of a product has room for improvement. With airplanes, there is no room for error.

Landing the direct flight between San Jose and Tokyo was a major victory for the city of San Jose, our airport and the Leadership Group. Ensuring passenger safety on each and every Dreamliner is even more important.

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