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The U​.S.​ should lead ​by ​action on climate change, not retrench.

San Jose, CA – June 1, 2017 – Silicon Valley Leadership Group ​is ​disappointed with President Trump’s announcement of his intention to pull out of the ​​​of the Paris ​climate ​agreement. The U​.S.​ should lead ​by ​action on climate change, not retrench.

In life there are missteps and major stumbles,​w​hen it comes to our economy, environment and global moral standing, this move by our president is a major stumble​. I​t would hurt not only companies that fund and manufacture solar panels and wind tu​r​bines, but also companies that do everything from make software that improves the energy efficiency of buildings to build charging stations for electric cars.This undercuts those efforts that benefit our economy and equally important, save our environment.

Action on climate change promotes clean energy markets where Silicon Valley companies compete well. Electrification of transportati​on,​​ buildings and ​the ​renewable energy powering that electricity is the wave of the future​ and an area where Silicon Valley businesses compete well​. Leadership Group companies ​continue to ​stand ready to provide th​e​se solutions ​to Californians​, the country and around the world. This is why we​’​ve consistently supported local, state and federal efforts to address the problem and will continue to do so.


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