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Opinion: Why Western Regional Power Grid Will Benefit California

Opinion: Why western regional power grid will benefit California

By Tim McRae, Vice President of Energy, Silicon Valley Leadership Group

For some in California, the idea of fully integrating the western electricity transmission grid under a bill moving through the state Legislature has become a bogeyman, albeit a wonky one. However, the state’s own studies say it could save California households and businesses over $1 billion on their utility bills every year and ensure more clean electricity powering our state and the rest of the West.

Most troubling are exaggerated claims that the effort to fix our fragmented electric grid will give the Trump administration new ways to subvert California’s clean energy policies and goals. But the truth is the proposed legislation wouldn’t give federal regulators any new authority, and in fact adds important new protections against federal overreaches.

Read the full piece on the San Jose Mercury News’ website: Why western regional power grid will benefit California

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