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November 2

In 150 days, Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman will be elected Governor of California, the eighth largest economy in the world.

With California in crisis, and our great state at a crossroads, we need straight talk and solid solutions from each of these intelligent and articulate candidates. From the perspective of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, we will be asking each candidate the following questions:

· Mr. Brown and Ms. Whitman, how will you solve our State’s perennial budget deficit?

· How will you ensure that California is “Open for Business” to attract and retain employers so that we shrink California’s 12.6 percent unemployment rate?

· How will you grow the Innovation, Clean & Green Tech sectors to both strengthen our economy and enhance our environment?

· How will you adequately fund our schools: Pre-K, K-12 and Higher Ed, while also insisting on results worthy of our kids?

· How will you re-build a teetering transportation system?

Congratulations to both Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown for their success in the primary election. Now to the real task; tell us how you will lead the Golden State back to greatness. In Silicon Valley, we don’t care about attacks about who is too far left or too far right. We want solid solutions that move California forward.

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