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Nearly 70% of Voters Support the Expansion of Google into Downtown San Jose

SAN JOSE, CA – More than two thirds of voters in the September Leadership Group poll say they back various aspects of the Google expansion into downtown San Jose. Do you support or oppose the proposed Google Development? Seen in figure 1.

Figure 1: Do you support or oppose the proposed Google Development? (If Support/Oppose) Do you strongly support or oppose it or just somewhat?

Don’t Know/NA 9%

Broad support of the Google project has no boundaries as it cuts across a range of demographics. The project has the support of:

  • 69% of women and 67% percent of men
  • 69% of Democrats, 77 % of Independents, and 53% of Republicans
  • 73% of voters of color and 64% of white voters
  • And 71% of homeowners and 63% of renters

“San Jose is known for its wonderful diversity and the one thing we all seem to agree on is that we’re unified in our support of Google to come to downtown San Jose next to the Diridon Station and the SAP Arena,” said CEO and President Carl Guardino, Silicon Valley Leadership Group.  “Our poll shows unequivocally regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, political affiliations, or ideology, we all agree that bringing 15 to 20 thousand Google jobs to downtown San Jose are great for our economy and great for our community.”

Overwhelmingly voters also see the project’s potential benefits outweighing any reservations when considering the project’s merits: Perceived improvements in the city’s overall quality of life, property values, revenue for local public schools and city services, and perhaps most importantly – jobs for local residents.

Figure 2: Support for Specific Elements of the Project

Project Element Total SupportTotal Oppose
Providing new restaurants & retail87%10%
Providing new parks & open spaces87%8%
Ensuring at least 15 percent of new homes constructed are affordable housing for working families86%11%
Creating millions of dollars in addt’l tax revenue for the city of San Jose to be spent on public safety, parks, and other City services 86%9%
Providing 15 to 20 thousand new jobs in San Jose over the next ten to twelve years85%10%
Connecting the village to existing nearby parks and business and shopping district82%13%
Creating a new bike and pedestrian trail along the Los Gatos Creek81%14%
Providing more than 2,600 new homes in downtown78%17%
Locating the village in downtown San Jose near the Diridon  Station Train Station & SAP Arena76%17%

Guardino also pointed out, “The survey clearly shows, voters and taxpayers know the benefits of having Google in downtown San Jose are many fold.  First, the jobs, of course, but secondly the tax base that will increase for the city services that we all hold dear whether it’s more police and fire services or better streets. And finally the integrated location of the Google campus providing open spaces for plazas, bike paths, parks, restaurants, retail and much more for our community to use and enjoy.”

The survey, held from September 11-17th, 2018, was conducted on behalf of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and consisted of 400 San Jose voters likely to cast a ballot in the November election. For more details on the survey, please contact Kimberly Ellis., SVP of Comms. and Marketing at (408) 501-7853 or [email protected].

Survey Methodology: From September 11-17, 2018, FM3 completed 400 telephone interviews (on landlines and cellphones) with randomly-selected San José voters likely to participate in the November 2018 election. Interviews were conducted in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.  The survey’s margin of error is +/- 4.9% at the 95% confidence interval. Due to rounding, not all results will sum to 100%.



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