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Meeting with Governor Jerry Brown

In Silicon Valley, content is king, while attire and appearance are all but irrelevant.

It was refreshing to see that our new Governor, Jerry Brown, understands this.

Last week, the Silicon Valley leadership group hosted a meeting with governor brown in his capitol office with 18 business leaders from throughout the state. In walked our Governor, wearing old tennis shoes and a 15-year old sweat-suit, complete with a hole in one pant leg.

It was completely disarming, absolutely endearing and entirely befitting of a meeting with anyone from Silicon Valley. With a $25 billion budget deficit, a 12 percent unemployment rate; and a need for jobs and economic competitiveness, pension and governance reforms, solutions and substance trump tailored suits & ties.

Our governor flies Southwest, eschews fancy shoes and travels solo.

He may not spend too much time wrestling with a neck-tie, but he is investing the time to grapple with the tough issues facing our state. I’ll take that trade-off every time.

Governor, keep wearing those running shoes. Fixing our state will be a marathon – not a sprint – and Silicon Valley stands ready to run that race with you.

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