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Media Toolkit

For media and partner organizations who want to know more about the Leadership Group see our About Us. If you need additional information, you might find the Frequently Asked Questions and the Leadership Group by the Numbers helpful as well. Press and media inquiries should be directed to SVLG Communications at 408.200.2330.

Silicon Valley Leadership Group Logo Use Requirements

  • the Leadership Group logo is provided at various sizes and designed to be used intact
  • the Leadership logo may not be sized less than one inch in diameter unless authorized by the Leadership Group
  • the Leadership logo must be used as illustrated and cannot be altered in design
  • the Leadership Group has the right to ask to review all print and online materials containing the Leadership Group logo prior to printing or posting

Pantone Colors: For use in spot color printing only

  • Dark Blue – pantone 295
  • Light Blue – pantone 2925

RGB Color Values (For use on the web only)

  • Dark Blue – R:0 G:56 B:107
  • Light Blue – R:0 G:142 B:214

CMYK Color Values (For use in all printing)

  • Dark Blue – C:100 M:57 Y:0 K:55
  • Light Blue – C:55 M:10 Y:0 K:5

Black & White Values

  • Dark Blue – 90% Black
  • Light Blue – 45% Black

Minimum Logo Size: ¾” wide

Section 2: Unacceptable Usage or Treatment of the Leadership Group Logo

  • Change Logo Colors
  • Distort the Proportions of the Logo
  • Use anything less than the entirety of the logo

Tell People You are a Member Organization

One of the benefits of being a Leadership Group member organization is that it demonstrates your commitment to the community by being a part of one of the most influential business organizations in the region. That is why we are pleased to provide our logo for our members use. We encourage you to use it on your own website per the requirements set forth above.

Elevate Your Brand Perception

Drive business and brand recognition whether you are a start-up, a well-recognized brand or perhaps somewhere in between with access to The Leader Blog, the Leading Edge newsletter, New Member Spotlight, or provide a member testimonial.

The Leader Blog

Leadership Group members are encouraged to submit guest contributor blogs for posting to The Leader Blog section and we will share across our social media channels if it fits with our mission, policy positions, and content guidelines. It should be no longer than 250 words. Each member company is limited to 1-2 blog posts per year. Member post items can include grand openings, community partnerships, volunteerism/employee engagement, company/staff awards, etc. For those interested in contributing please submit Leader blog news here.

Leading Edge Newsletter

Our new electronic newsletter is a monthly digital publication offering our more than 360 members timely information on the latest policy news, upcoming events, CEO insights, member guest posts, and much more. Submit no more than 100 words. For those interested in contributing please submit feature news ideas here.

New Member Spotlight

Every month the Leadership Group will highlight a new member company that has joined the organization in the last quarter and their commitment to civic service. If you are interested in highlighting your company or nominating another member company for the spotlight, please submit information here.

Membership Testimonials

The Communications Team invites our members to submit supporting Leadership Group testimonials which could be posted on our website and used in Leadership Group collateral and communication vehicles. Submitted testimonials are subject to approval by the Communications Team. Send testimonials here.

A testimonial must

  • contain a statement of support for the Leadership Group and the policies, initiatives, or programs we are promoting
  • be grammatically correct
  • be attributed to an individual in the submitter’s organization (name, title, org, photo)

A testimonial should

  • contain an explanation of why the news is important to our members or to specific communities

A testimonial must not

  • criticize other products, companies, organizations, individuals, or services
  • exceed 100 words
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