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Mayor Liccardo And San José Public Library Launch “Coding 5K Challenge”

Mayor Liccardo and San José Public Library Launch “Coding 5K Challenge”

City-wide coding initiative designed to help more K-12 students develop important technology skills that will help prepare them to participate in the region’s economy and prosperity

San José, Calif. – The San José Public Library (SJPL) has partnered with Mayor Sam Liccardo, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and various Silicon Valley tech companies to present the Coding5k Challenge – a new initiative that will enhance access to computer science programs at libraries across the city.

The goal is to have 5,000 students participate in coding programs by the year 2020.

“We’re committed to helping more of our students, and especially our lowest-income kids, develop skills that are critical to competing in our 21st century economy and sharing in our region’s growing prosperity,” said Mayor Sam Liccardo. “I’d like to thank the many partners who are helping us to expand access to high-quality free coding programs and inspire more girls and boys to explore a career in technology.”

SJPL is committed to offering San Jose’s more than 270,000 K-12 students valuable coding experience, particularly in underrepresented communities that often get left behind on the wrong side of the digital divide.

By working with San José Superintendents, the Mayor, City Council and other City Departments, SJPL will inform parents and students of the computer science and STEAM opportunities the Coding5K Challenge offers them at their public library, as well as use its Maker[Space]Ship, SJPL’s 39ft STEAM vehicle, to extend the reach further into neighborhoods.

“We want our San José Libraries to be an extension of our students education experience,  connecting them to opportunities that they may not have access to at their school,” said Jill Bourne, City Librarian. “Last year we offered 546 coding and robotics events, attended by nearly 2,000 students. We hope to meet our goal of reaching 5,000 students per year by 2020 or before.”

“It’s vital to our Valley’s future to diversify our STEAM pipeline and give every Silicon Valley student the tools needed to succeed in the innovation economy,” said Carl Guardino, President and CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. “We can transform the lives and future livelihoods of thousands of young people through our Coding5k Challenge, and the Leadership Group is proud to invest in this remarkable program.”

To kick off the initiative, a press conference will be held on Friday, February 16 at 2 p.m. at the Hillview Branch Library, located at 1600 Hopkins Dr., San Jose, CA 95122.  Guest speakers include Mayor Sam Liccardo, City Librarian Jill Bourne, Carl Guardino from the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and Prothit Halder, a dedicated teen volunteer who teaches coding at SJPL.  Students from Fischer Middle School will also be in attendance participating in a coding program.

For more information about the Coding5K Challenge and to learn how you can lead a coding program at the library, visit:


Elizabeth Castañeda – (408) 458-0662

                                                                                                                  [email protected]


                                                                                                Nancy Macías – (408) 712-2150

                                                                                                                           [email protected]

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