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March For Innovation

Here’s food for thought . . . In a nation of immigrants, it is time we updated our nation’s broken immigration system.

In true Silicon Valley fashion, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group is employing technology to reach out to Washington law-makers about the need for smart, thoughtful immigration reform.  Joining with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, VC Ron Conway and others, we have collectively launched  “March For Innovation,” engaging Americans to contact their representatives in Congress to ensure that immigration reform captures the innovators and entrepreneurs who have fueled so much of Silicon Valley’s success.

Consider the following:

* Every foreign-born advanced degree graduate from a U.S. university who stays and works in America creates – on average – nearly 3 additional American jobs.

* More than 40 percent of fortune 500 companies were founded by an immigrant or child of an immigrant.

* Countries like Canada, England and Australia all provide visas to foreign-born entrepreneurs.  The U.S. often educates these entrepreneurs, then turns them away to compete against us.

Join us for our “Virtual March on Washington” to protect and grow Silicon Valley’s innovation economy.  Simply go to the Silicon Valley Leadership Group web site at, or learn more at

Let’s not waste this opportunity. America’s time for immigration reform is now. Silicon Valley can and must lead the way.

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