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Leadership Group Media Statement: Supreme Court’s ​travel ban decision​

​We ​respect that promoting national security is a primary objective of our federal government, yet our ​collective national ​actions must be thoughtful and measured to strengthen our safety, our economy and our moral authority. The travel ban does not achieve these objectives.
The ​g​lobal e​conomy is more competitive and interconnected than ever before. The travel ban makes international commerce more difficult for American companies by limiting those who may enter our country and engage in business. Additionally, the ban continues a disturbing trend of making travel and immigration more difficult, effectively limiting American companies in the race for global talent.
More importantly, the travel ban unfairly casts suspicion on a group of people simply on the basis of their country of citizenship. We must not sacrifice America’s global competitiveness and moral leadership over an ill-conceived and unfair ban.” – Peter Leroe-Munoz, VP of Tech and Innovation, Silicon Valley Leadership Group
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