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Leadership Group Media Statement: Senate and Assembly pass SB 606 and AB 1668

Partner bills establish statewide water efficiency standards

SAN JOSE, CA -Silicon Valley Leadership Group released this statement from Senior Vice President Mike Mielke, Environment and Energy. “While the winter and spring rains were a welcome relief, we must not forget that California is still in a water crisis and we can expect and must plan for hotter and drier years to come due to man-made climate change. In addition to the threat to public health and safety, water shortages have a tremendous economic impact; in 2015 alone, the drought cost the state more than $2.7 billion in lost economic activity.

While we cannot make it rain, we must take steps to ensure that we’re making the most of limited water supplies. Going forward, we will all have to make more from less. That’s why SB 606 and AB 1668 are so important. They are historic in their scope, intentionally flexible in their design, and they offer a roadmap to a more reliable, affordable and secure water supply for California by establishing efficiency targets for local water agencies that take into account each region’s population, land use, climate, and other factors that impact water needs.

Californians stepped up during the drought to meet emergency drought conservation mandates, but making efficiency a way of life and helping secure our water supply will give the business community the increased confidence it needs to keep investing in our region.

The Leadership Group applauds the leadership of Senators Hertzberg and Skinner as well as Assemblymember Friedman, and respectfully requests that Governor Brown sign the bills.”


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