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In 2012, Be Bold

Michelangelo once said, “My fear is not to aim too high and fail.  My fear is to aim too low and succeed.”

In 2012, be bold.

At the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, we plan to take bold action to strengthen our region, state and nation.

* In Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, this ambitious agenda includes securing 500 volunteers to help elementary school kids improve in reading, science and math; and advocating for more direct domestic and international flights to serve Mineta San Jose International Airport.

* In California, our agenda includes helping to pass a statewide initiative for budget and governance reform, protecting our world-class higher education system from further budget cuts, and championing concrete efforts to strengthen our economy to keep and grow jobs.

* In Washington, DC, it means leading the effort to secure a regional patent office in Silicon Valley and finalizing a full-funding grant agreement to build the BART extension to Silicon Valley.

For the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, 2012 means laying out an aggressive agenda with 59 deliverables for which we are accountable, each of which can be viewed and tracked on our web site.

We will succeed on many, fail on a few – but do our best on all 59.

The choice is ours – sit on our hands or set ambitious goals.  Our community – our country – needs our collective help.

View our 2012 Work Plan

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