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Santa Clara County Housting Trust : Celebrating Success One Family at aTime

Here’s food for thought – don’t be afraid to fail.

Recently, we celebrated the 13th anniversary of the Housing Trust of Santa Clara County. Created in the boom years of 1999, the Housing Trust was established to help first-time homebuyers, provide affordable rental homes, and – for our valley’s most vulnerable, assistance for the homeless.

Our ambitious goal was to raise $20 million in voluntary contributions, to leverage $200 million in private development, assisting as many as 5,000 families in this high-cost valley.

Well, those were not the numbers we achieved.  In fact, we exceeded them. To date, we’ve loaned out $45 million, leveraging $1.8 billion in private development, helping 9,369 families with safe, affordable, well-built homes.

When we launched the trust, a cynic stated that our efforts would be, quote, “The biggest failure in the history of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.” Yet in Silicon Valley, we are not afraid to fail. It is in our DNA to be bold in tackling even the toughest of challenges.

Undaunted, the Housing Trust was launched – and to date, nearly 10,000 families have been helped, and the voice of the cynics have been stilled.

To the Housing Trust of Santa Clara County and all its investors – we salute you.

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