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Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villaraigosa keynotes 2018 Energy and Sustainability Summit

SAN JOSE, CA – Former Mayor and 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villaraigosa shares his vision for California’s continued leadership on the environment and clean energy at this year’s Silicon Valley Leadership Group Energy and Sustainability Conference held Thursday, May 24th from 8:30 am – 5 pm. Nearly 300 attendees can expect a jam packed agenda with robust discussions and debates about the rise and fall of the combustible engine, the great pivot to freeing people for meaningful work and how best to build shared resilience in California.

Along with plenary sessions and a stellar presentation by Google Sustainability Officer Kate Brandt, there will be six breakout sessions ranging from designing a roadmap for a sustainable future, shaping behaviors and markets and financing the sun to taming the dragon of zero emission vehicles and shaping the future of shared autonomous energy. To learn more about the event’s detailed agenda please click here or see a brief summary below. Media interested in attending should contact Kimberly Ellis, SVP of Communications and Marketing at [email protected] or (408) 501-7853.

Date: Thursday, May 24th

Location: Oracle, 350 Oracle Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94065

Time: 7:30 am – 5 pm


8:30 am Welcome and overview

8:40 am Keynote: Google Sustainability Lead, Kate Brandt

9:20 am Addressing Climate Impacts “Beyond the Fence”: Building Shared Resilience

10:20 am When Will We See the End of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)?

11:30 am That Great Pivot, Freeing People for Meaningful Work

1:30 – 4:40 pm Breakout Sessions

4:40 pm California’s Leadership on Climate and Sustainability: Former Mayor of Los Angeles & 2018 CA Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villaraigosa


About Silicon Valley Leadership Group

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group, founded in 1978 by David Packard of Hewlett-Packard, represents nearly 360 of Silicon Valley’s most respected employers on issues, programs and campaigns that affect the economic health and quality of life in Silicon Valley including energy, transportation, education, housing, health care, tax policies, economic vitality and the environment.


Kimberly Ellis, SVP Comms & Marketing

[email protected]

(408) 501-7853

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