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Governor Schwarzenegger

In 14 days, California will have a new governor.
Last week, I joined our current governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and first-lady Maria Shriver, for a special dinner as he concluded his seven years of service.
Governor Schwarzenegger leaves Sacramento still viewed globally as an international super-star, but with a paltry 25 percent approval rating in the golden state.
Regardless of your view of the governor, let’s consider his solid successes since 2003:
• Historic workers compensation reform
• $20 billion in statewide transportation improvements, and another $20
billion for housing, water & school construction
• $760 million in state support for BART to Silicon Valley
• Governance reforms including re-districting and the open primary
• Significant steps forward for pension reform
• Historic climate change legislation to limit greenhouse gases
His compensation – $1 annually. Love, like or hate him, he put
California first and for that I salute him.

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