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Enraged or engaged

With voter frustration aimed at both Washington and Sacramento, we are left with a choice: We can be enraged, or engaged.

At the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, we find it much more productive to engage.
That is why we recently led a delegation of 50 executives to Sacramento for in-depth, one-on-one dialogues with 65 out of 120 Members of the California Legislature – on education, housing, the BART extension, jobs, the environment, energy, and health care.
It’s why this past week, under the leadership of SunPower CEO Tom Werner, we took a delegation of 70 CEOs and Senior Officers to DC for similar meetings with 100 Key Members of the House and Senate on jobs and competitiveness; focusing on energy, taxes, the federal deficit, education, immigration, transportation, housing and health care. 
Our CEOs are Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  First and foremost, we are Americans – and, like you, we are concerned about our state and nation; yet – also like you – committed to its success.
We will continue to bring innovation and ideas to Sacramento and Washington.  Give us your ideas.  Visit our web site at and get engaged.  America is worth the effort.
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