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The Energy Policy team’s mission is to advocate for policies and programs that reflect reliable, high-quality, environmentally-responsible, and competitively-priced energy and power in an open and transparent market-based system.

Team Leads

Tim McRae
Vice President, Energy & Environment
[email protected]

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Past Wins

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Local Parking Minimums

AB 1100 – Kamlager-Dove (District 54) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Local Parking Minimums: SUPPORT (2019)

This law benefits Californians by reducing barriers to electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure installation by clarifying that parking stalls served by EV charging stations qualify as “parking stalls” under local minimum parking requirements. Silicon Valley Leadership Group supports AB 1100 because it provides the flexibility needed to reach California’s goal (Executive Order B-48-2018) of placing five million Zero Emission Vehicles on California roads by 2030 to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and improve local air quality in all communities. The Leadership Group was one of the business groups that proudly worked for passage of AB 1100 as part of a coalition of clean air and clean technology groups.

Defeated Bill: California Clean Electricity Authority

AB 56 – E.Garcia (District 56) California Clean Electricity Authority: OPPOSE (2019)

This bill would not have benefited Californians because it would have reduced or eliminated: energy service providers’ ability to buy clean energy and energy purchasing competition that customers highly value. For these reasons, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group opposed AB 56. The bill was defeated for this legislative session, with the Leadership Group testifying in opposition at the Senate Committee where it failed. The concept continues to be discussed at the California Public Utilities Commission and we will engage there as well.

Legislative Activity

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the Energy Policy team advocate for local, county, and state education legislation and ballot measures based on the decisions of its Energy Committee, Working Council, and Board of Directors. Both bills and ballot measures are presented to these committees for discussion and voting.

2020 Legislation

Past Legislation




Support in Concept:

  • Clarification that AB 1184 include funding and/or does not crowd out funding for:
    • Zero- and low-carbon transportation incentive programs
    • Non-light duty low- and zero-emission incentive program
    • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
  • Removal of the 2023 sunset date for the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) rebate and tying the phase-down of incentives to market penetration
  • Directing CARB to identify what is fair for evaluating incentives for PHEVs and pure zero emission vehicles.

Support if Amended: 

  • SB 356 (Skinner): SB 356 would open access to grid level data held by Investor Owned Utilities and address customer data issues.
    • Support if Amended motion asks for: Balance cybersecurity and customer privacy concerns with data transparency interests.
  • AB 1293 (Irwin): AB 1293 would require that Publicly Owned Utilities make their data and analyses publicly available and, upon request, to electronically transfer their data and analyses to the requester in a digital, machine-readable format.
    • Support if Amended motion asks for: Balance cybersecurity and customer privacy concerns with data transparency interests.





Net Energy Metering (NEM):

NEM supports a robust rooftop solar industry in California that has grown into a global leader and helps homeowners, schools, and businesses across the state save billions of dollars in electric bills and reduces their greenhouse gas emissions. Many of our member companies, representing a substantial subset of end users, have installed solar systems that utilize NEM.

In California, NEM has leveraged more than $10 billion in private investment, reduced electricity demand, and helped support more than 54,000 in-state jobs. Rooftop solar is vital to continue growing our burgeoning clean energy economy both locally and across the state, and to meeting the state’s ambitious clean energy goals.

The Leadership Group has weighed-in in support of this program at the state legislature and California Public Utilities Commission, and will continue to support this important program.

Annual Events

Silicon Valley Energy & Sustainability Summit

When: August 7, 2020 all-day
Where: Oracle, 350 Oracle Parkway, Redwood City

Friday, August 7, 2020 8:15 AM – 9:00 AM Networking via Whova conference platform 9: 00 AM – 4:00 PM Formal Summit Programming Virtual Event Buy Tickets ABOUT The climate decade: How do we build a zero carbon and climate-ready…


Energy Committee Meetings

Member-only committee meetings are generally held on the third Thursday of each month from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To learn more about joining the committee please contact Tim McRae at [email protected].

Co-Chairs: Jim David, EPRI & Mona Tierney-Loyd, Enel X North America, Inc.

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