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The Digital Divide is the gap between those with access to computers and the internet, and those who do not. COVID-19 has widened this gulf as more education, work, and telehealth has moved online. There are 37K unconnected students in San José alone. This undermines our future workforce, and exacerbates social inequities.

Bridging the Gap: 2020-2021 Device Drive

The Leadership Group, EY, and the SJ Digital Inclusion Fund 501(c)(3) are partnering to provide computers to San José students for the year.

Financial and Device Donation Levels

Computing Devices Needed

  • Windows laptops and Chromebooks
  • MacBook 2010 or later

We are accepting new and gently-used devices. Devices should still be functioning, with no significant damage or cracks to hardware, monitor, keyboard, or casing.

The Digital Inclusion Fund will manage pick-up, cleaning and sanitization. The Digital Inclusion Fund will provide donors with a report on the impact of their donation and a receipt for the 501(c)(3) tax-deductible donation.

Other Opportunities to Help

There are additional opportunities for companies to commit to longer-term efforts to bridge the Digital Divide. These include a Device Partnership with the Digital Inclusion Fund to consolidate end-of-life processes for company hardware, as well as financial donations to the Digital Inclusion Fund.

Contact Peter Leroe-Muñoz at [email protected] to donate.

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