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Data for Good

Innovators, entrepreneurs, and engineers in the Silicon Valley and throughout California have pioneered technology products and services that have served invaluable benefits to society. These products and services, reliant upon the use of data, have had far-reaching benefits, positively impacting communities around the world.

The synthesis of data has spurred technological innovations across every industry sector. During these unprecedented times, data has allowed us to develop tools that save lives, keeps students learning, trains our workforce, allows small businesses to remain open, and even predicts natural disasters. Data-centric technology has transformed society and continues to revolutionize the way we go about our everyday lives.

We should embrace the use of protected data to preserve the ability to advance our lives.

In the News

  • Forbes This New AI Technology Could Prevent Ships From Colliding With Whales
  • Wall Street JournalCalifornia Utilities Hope Drones, AI Will Lower Risk of Future Wildfires
  • USC ViterbiSchool of Engineering: USC Student Develops AI Tools To Tackle Hate Speech, Hate Crimes
  • Careermetis  Ways AI is Transforming the Education Industry
  • EdTechMagazine – Improving Online Learning and More with Artificial Intelligence

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Improving health care

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Narrowing the digital divide

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Training the workforce of the future

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Optimizing business operations

Hear how data is leveraged for societal good

  • “As policy makers rely on the insights from the data, new relationships can form and facilitate valuable collaborations. Public-facing data efforts can also increase awareness of a company’s brand — allowing companies to do well by doing good.” – Harvard Business Review
  • “Of course, technological innovation can’t match the courage, dedication and life-saving actions of doctors, nurses and first responders, but there are numerous examples of technology companies using data to assist those on the front lines, in the private sector and in government working to combat this crisis.” – Gary Mangiofico, executive professor of Organizational Theory and Management at the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School.
  • “For wildfire risk assessment or if you’re a firefighter, what you need is an accurate prediction about how fast the local fuel – the trees and plants nearby – will burn.” Matthias Ihme, a Mechanical Engineering Professor at Stanford University, said. “We’ve analysed this fuel in a new way that allows us to do just that.”

Tell Us Your Story

Is your company using data to develop cutting-edge technology? Or maybe data integration has enabled your product or service to solve societal issues? We want to hear your “data for good” story! Send an email to Diana Dang, [email protected], to share your story.


Deadline: SVLG is partnering with Ernst & Young and Digital Inclusion Fund to narrow the digital divide in San Jose. Let’s work together to provide students with the necessary internet access and hardware for online learning. To donate, click here.

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