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“Daily CEO Inspiration”

As you start each work day, do you wake up inspired or tired?

We work hard in Silicon Valley, with many of us starting our days at “o-dark-thirty” and ending each day back in the dark again.

A word of inspiration certainly helps to kick-start our work day.

That’s why in 2013 the Silicon Valley Leadership Group has launched our “CEO Inspirational Quote” calendar.  Each work day – 253 in all – we will post an inspiring, original quote from a different senior officer working right here in Silicon Valley:

* Like eSilicon CEO Jack Harding, who says ” ‘Brilliant strategy’ is often just the folklore ascribed after being lucky.”

* Tropos CEO Tom Ayers who says “The real job of an entrepreneur doesn’t begin until someone says ‘no’.”

* Or Luxim CEO Tony McGettigan who says, “Better to build the future than bandaid the past.”

The voices we hear are choices we make; we can be lifted up or torn down. Follow us on facebook, tune in on twitter or simply go to our events calendar at for a daily dose of inspiration.

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