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California Votes to Extend Landmark Cap and Trade

CAP AND TRADE LEGISLATION PASSES BOTH HOUSES – AB 398, a bill to extend cap and trade, passed both houses of the Legislature with a bi-partisan vote.  Two-thirds was needed for this legislation and the vote was 28-12 in the Senate and 55-21 in the Assembly.   It will now go to the Governor for his signature.  Combined with AB 617, which addresses local air pollution, this was a significant achievement.

Cap and trade is the most effective way to address global warming as it creates a financial incentive for reducing pollution and a profit motive for developing clean technologies. In just the last week, the Leadership Group Energy and Environment team has done the following:

  • Worked directly with the Governor’s Office to help shape the legislation
  • Met with over 25 different legislators who were on the fence on the issue — focusing most heavily on our Bay Area delegation
  • Secured the active support and engagement of 13 R.E.A.L. Coalition sister organizations who helped reach out directly to their legislators, urging them to vote “aye” on AB 398
  • Published an Op/ed in the Mercury News
  • Placed numerous calls and texts to swing Senators and Assemblymembers
  • Conducted a focused social media campaign — sending out over 175 tweets from our accounts targeted at the legislature

This win provides market and regulatory certainty which businesses all around our state depend on to continue investments and grow jobs. Cap and trade is far preferable to expensive and burdensome direct regulation, which was also being considered.

With the successful passage of this legislative package, California will continue to be a leader in addressing global warming pollution, and communities around our state can breathe a little easier as we address the local pollution that fouls their air.

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