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In preparation for the upcoming November 2020 general election, the Leadership Group provided questionnaires to candidates running for local, county, and state offices on the ballot.

The races are among Silicon Valley’s most prominent. Candidates from throughout the Bay Area answered questions that were not only relevant to the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s policy priorities but also important to those who work and live in Silicon Valley.

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Teresa Cox: District 6

Yogi Chugh: District 6

San Mateo County Local

Jen Wolosin: Menlo Park, District 3

Isabella Chu: Redwood City, District 3

Jeff Gee: Redwood City, District 1

Mark Wolohan: Redwood City, District 7

Nancy Radcliffe: Redwood City, District 1

Santa Clara County Local

Hung Wei: Cupertino

Kitty Moore: Cupertino

Anthony Phan: Milpitas

Lenny Siegel: Mountain View

Margaret Abe-Koga: Mountain View

Ajit Varma: Palo Alto

Cari Templeton: Palo Alto

Greer Stone: Palo Alto

Raven Malone: Palo Alto

Steven Lee: Palo Alto

David Cohen: San Jose, District 4

Dev Davis: San Jose, District 6

Jake Tonkel: San Jose, District 6

Lan Diep: San Jose, District 4

Anthony Becker: Santa Clara, District 6

Harbir Bhatia: Santa Clara, District 1

Kevin Park: Santa Clara, District 4

Suds Jain: Santa Clara, District 5

Alysa Cisneros: Sunnyvale, District 2

Larry Klein: Sunnyvale

Nancy Smith: Sunnyvale

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

Otto Lee: District 3

State Senate District 15

Dave Cortese: State Senate

Ann Ravel: State Senate

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