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California’s unemployment

California has 2,143,000 unemployed adults and an unemployment rate of 11.4 percent.
As residents of Silicon Valley, with unemployment hovering around 10 percent, we are relatively robust in comparison to 20 of California’s 58 counties still suffering with unemployment above 15 percent. Or the residents in seven California counties with unemployment above 25 percent.
Yes, if you live in Imperial, Sutter, Colusa, Madera or several other counties, chances are one in four that you don’t have a job.
That’s why Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is criss-crossing the state developing a plan – potentially California’s first “Jobs and Economic Competitiveness Plan” in the history of the golden state. Last week, he met with 60 Silicon Valley CEO’s in three key clusters: renewable energy, bio-tech & high-tech. Next week, he will meet with 60 more.
Building a plan – seeking out CEO’s – working to put Californians back to work. Kudos to Governor Brown and Lieutenant Governor Newsom for making California’s economy – and jobs for Californians – the priority.

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