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California’s Budget: Time to Dig Out

Here’s Food For Thought . . . When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

Recently, Governor Brown released the “May Revision” of California’s budget.  We went from a $9 billion hole to a $16 billion hole.

Perhaps, we can finally focus on making our state competitive, once again, to keep and grow jobs that might put 2.1 million Californians back to work.  That would require a climate conducive to employers – large and small – feeling welcome in the Golden State.

And that starts with a plan.  An Economic Competitiveness Plan – which requires benchmarks and measurable goals.   Here’s a start for what we measure:

* California’s Unemployment Rate

* Our Annual Economic Growth Rate

* The Cost of Workers Comp, Energy and Health Care

* Math, Science and Literacy Rates for K-12

* Metrics in Infrastructure improvements for transportation, housing and water

* The rate of personal income tax, sales tax and corporate tax.

Why is this important? Here is a measurement that underscores my concern.  Twelve years ago, California was the 4th largest economy in the world.  Today, we’re ninth.

When you’re headed in the wrong direction, turn around.  We’re a great state.  Let’s prove it.

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