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California to Open a Trade and Investment Office in China

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”  One of my favorite quotes, and entirely applicable after the great announcement last week that California Governor Jerry Brown is wisely re-opening a new trade and investment office in china.

California – the world’s 9th largest economy – has had no official presence in china, the globe’s second largest economy – since the Davis Administration moth-balled California’s trade and commerce offices in 2003.

The new office will provide California companies – especially small employers who lack the global resources – with business contacts throughout china.

Why is this important?

  • First, it underscores that Governor Brown, and his new Office of Business and Economic Development are leading efforts to help California employers compete globally.
  • Second, it follows in the footsteps of sophisticated actions by other states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, who are wisely helping their companies succeed, oversees.
  • Finally, the Governor’s team shows wisdom to provide a resource in a country that can bewilder small employers, and then “get out of their way” once they have played a strategically helpful role.

California’s economy can only strengthen by this strategic and cost-effective investment in china. Governor Brown, thanks for your leadership.

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