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SB 100: California Clean Energy Bill Becomes Game Changing Law

SB 100: California clean energy bill becomes game changing law

Governor’s signature reduces state’s output of greenhouse gasses in historic time

California made history on Monday,  September 10th with Governor Jerry Brown signing two measures including SB 100, a bill the Silicon Valley Leadership Group long advocated for in Sacramento. SB 100 raises the state’s already forward thinking goals to new heights for producing electricity from wind, solar and other green sources.

It was signed into law along with an executive order that pushes the state to reduce its output of greenhouse gasses to zero by 2045. Setting the 100 percent renewable and carbon neutral goal in 27 years makes California’s target the most ambitious in the nation.  To find out why SB 100 is so visionary, read “Senate bill would secure California’s clean-energy future,” a San Jose Mercury News opinion piece by Assemblyman Evan Low and Carl Guardino, President and CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. 



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