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Bike-to-Work Month

May is a great time to trade in four wheels for two wheels, as we celebrate bike-to-work month.

Before you write me off as one more spandex wearing crazy bicyclist – which i am – consider the following:

* The typical commute length in the Bay Area is five miles or less – perfect for cycling.
* A gallon of gas is now above $4. Pedal power is free.
* Silicon valley enjoys 300-plus sunny days per year, ideal conditions for riding to work.
* A five-mile commute by bike burns off half the calories of that Starbucks drink you just sipped. Make it a round trip, and all those calories are gone.
* The bike path, trail and lane network in Santa Clara County has grown to hundreds of miles, making cycling to work both fun and safe.

And for me, the best reason to cycle to work, I can eat all the chocolate I want.

Join me. Try riding your bike even one day in May. For route information to and from work, contact the great folks at the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition. Tell them I sent you. And you don’t even have to wear spandex.

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