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BART to Silicon Valley: Buy the Champagne

While we have yet to pop the cork, the champagne is definitely on ice.

This week, the Secretary of Transportation delivered to Congress a “Full-Funding Grant Agreement” worth $900 million for our BART to Silicon Valley extension.  Along with $1.4 billion in local funds, we have the resources for the first ten-mile segment of the BART line from Fremont to San Jose.

Congress now has 60 days to review the document. Why is this important? Never in the history of the United States has the federal government reneged on a Full-Funding Grant Agreement.

Yes, after six decades of dreaming, BART to Silicon Valley is on its way. Better than that, the first 10-mile segment is slated for delivery 18 months ahead of calendar and $77 million under budget – with an opening date planned for late 2016.

I am in investing several days this week in Washington, timed to coincide with the delivery of the full-funding agreement to congress. After co-leading the 2000 and 2008 local ballot measures to fund the BART extension, the Leadership Group wants to reinforce to Congress why the extension is vital to our economy, our employee’s quality of life and to our region’s rail system.

Yes, the champagne is secured, but we can pop that cork together as we break ground later this year to bring BART to San Jose.

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