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An answer of “No” is better than “No Answer”

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed has the patience of Job. He has reached out, yet again, to Major League Baseball Commissioner and professional Hermit Bud Selig – the same Bud Selig who appointed a “Blue Ribbon Task Force” 4 years and one month ago to explore the proposed move of the A’s to downtown San Jose. Yes, four years ago. Or, in Silicon Valley’s innovation economy terms, four iPhones ago.

The objection, it seems, still comes from the San Francisco Giants, who have won World Championships twice in the past four years. They fear their “Territorial Rights” to San Jose – as if we were part of their fiefdom – which, ironically, the A’s willingly granted to the Giants back in 1992 when the Giants wanted to build a ballpark . . . here in San Jose. No good deed goes unpunished. Its funny – but not in a humorous way – that the Giants don’t mind competing on the baseball field, but seem to hate competition when it comes to the market-place. How anathema to the culture of Silicon Valley and the global innovation economy.

We applaud Mayor Reed for his fortitude and focus in once again reaching out to Commissioner Selig. At the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, we have also written to the Commissioner – more than two years ago – signed by 100 CEOs. Like Mayor Reed, we are still waiting by our mailbox for the courtesy of a reply.

“Monopoly” is a great board game. When it comes to a business model, however, the Monopoly we call Major League Baseball elicits behavior like we are witnessing here in San Jose and Silicon Valley

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  1. As Al Davis and Bob Irsay have proven before, owners have successfully moved the franchise without league approval and won in court. This would be a valuable tactic, as well as making it very public how the A’s granted the territory rights when the Giants were considering SJ as their home. Once a fully financed stadium was built in SF, those rights should have been given back to Oakland as precedent around other regions that are shared by multiple teams. So I would like to see A’s ownership threaten the move to SJ and we’ll see you in court. Just one man’s opinion.

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