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Christophe LaBelle serves the Leadership Group and its members as an Associate with the Environment & Energy team. He comes to Silicon Valley from Southern California and work there as a corporate sustainability researcher with the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. This experience builds on Christophe’s background in environmental advocacy, Democratic politics, and policy analysis at the local and state levels in California. Of note, he has completed fellowships with former State Assemblymember Paul Fong (D-Cupertino) as a Cal-in-Sacramento intern and with the University of California Carbon Neutrality Initiative as a graduate student researcher.

In his free time, Christophe enjoys sports, politics, the arts, and traveling. They are interests he has pursued through intramurals at UC Berkeley and UCLA; studying abroad in France at the esteemed Paris institution Sciences Po; and visiting legislatures, cathedrals, museums, and the great outdoors across multiple continents. In addition to this education from the natural course of life, Christophe credits his family and the outstanding teachers, peers, and mentors from his studies (bachelor’s degree in political science from Cal and Master of Public Policy from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs) for who and where he is today.

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